If there is one thing that is prominent at the end of 2019, it is Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning that has influenced every aspect of business – as per Ovum.

The blog will explore how AI and ML will also impact network monitoring and management. Artificial Intelligence has taken out dream out of the realm of impossibility of achieving perfection & now that it has been implemented it has allowed us, to see beyond. The future is already booming under our very noses.

Many businesses have already introduced AI into their day-to-day work suite. Artificial Intelligence takes out the very basic principle of analysing & processing.

AI powered systems analyse the data that is fed to them and in turn they provide valuable insights based on the findings. AI & Machine Learning together can be used to study historical IT data to perform tasks with limited human intervention.

Majority of Network monitoring software vendors have started implementing AI and ML. Network Monitoring Software’s use Artificial Intelligence to analyse and respond to network performance metrics.

Usage of AI in NMS is not currently widespread, and the concept is fresh. As more users embrace AI and ML capabilities, they will start noticing what benefits AI powered network monitoring brings to the table.

Evolving from Reactive to Proactive Systems

With network devices generating heaps of IT data, storing this data in a centralised storage makes the most sense. Data collection is the first step and then the next steps depend on the way this data is being processed to get valuable insights.

By calculating the optimum network state, users can later on decide where issues might be originating from. Theoretically, in case if the system is normally operating, then users can determine unseen flaws based simply on the IT data generated.

Network’s capability of reporting issues is one thing, but ability to pinpoint the root cause holds a greater level of significance & that’s where AI comes in to picture.

AI powered network monitoring software brings evolution from simple reports & alerts into something that is intelligent, adaptive and can deal with most the network problems on its own.

A New Paradigm for Network Management

With the new way of monitoring, collected metrics or IT data might add tremendous value by dealing with abnormal situations efficiently, like data collected from machine network administrator instead of a human being.

Although, there will always be a need for network administrator to manage network issues, but their job will be slightly easier; as root cause of the issues could be detected automatically.

Machine Learning enables predictive analytics and cognitive learning which helps admins take preventive measures and maintain a stable, normal operating state.

AI & ML should benefit network monitoring in numerous ways including but not limited to the ability to correlate IT metrics and log data from various sources — which is must for network security teams, making teams more efficient in processing time consuming analytics.

This new AI enabled network monitoring software can inform users about anomalies, network clustering and IT security risks that needs timely investigation or human intervention.

It can be used to make better decisions about cyber security threats. But this new platform cannot make the decisions for the users, it can only give the right and timely recommendations.

Evolution of Motadata as a Powerful AI Powered NMS

We will be launching Motadata 8.0 soon, which has next-gen network analytics that is driven by AI & ML with a promise to revolutionize the current conventional state of IT infrastructure management.

With this new release Motadata aims to further simplify IT operations, reduce downtime costs, and aims to provide fresh insights on the state of IT operations & services.

The platform now can be trained by the user to pinpoint recurring network failures & many other shortcomings or bottlenecks, even before it can happen.

The AI powered network monitoring software can quickly diagnose the cause of poor-quality network connections to figure out origin of the issue.

Motadata 8.0 as Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning powered NMS can now prevent network congestion related issues, provide smart bandwidth utilisation reports for better end user experience.

The platform will help users provide fair bandwidth by allocating it properly to users, fix over-usage or insufficient network bandwidth utilization and, in overall, achieve a greater IT performance & delight customer.