This is an unprecedented time for each one of us. Every organization wishes to continue providing value to their customers despite the current situation. We’re all ready to go that extra mile to achieve whatever  is possible in this digital age. Organizations around the world are fully committed in maintaining their business operations at optimum levels. There are certain tools or software that can assist you in this process. Softwares like Application Performance Management (APM) Software helps you ensure that you maintain the highest service quality without any disruptions.

Nowadays organizations connect their developers with the business objectives by introducing them to powerful application performance monitoring tools (APM). Application performance monitoring tools measure how the applications are behaving under various types of conditions.

The tool thoroughly tests application code through all the phases of the software development life cycle (SDLC) and shows developers the potential issues before their code hits the production phase. DevOps teams can make fruitful gains in the issue troubleshooting process & test whether the solution will affect the rest of their code or not.

We’ve a blog on APM basics in case you feel like referring to it before diving deeper into the benefits.

Why is APM so Important?

The greatest example to show why APM is so important is to wonder how life would have been without it. Imagine what we would do without our applications. Likewise APM is crucial for DevOps teams. Without APM software they would either be troubleshooting issues manually or just let the customer care calls flood in.

They might try to build up synthetic transactions manually to measure the performance of applications beforehand. But many factors aren’t considered in such scenarios. While it might work fine on their own machine, it might not work anywhere else. The system might crash as they aren’t monitoring and even if they detect a problem they’d have no idea what to do in case a problem is detected by the system.

Whether an issue is something to be worried about or a part of normal operation wouldn’t be clear.  Moreover, detection of the problem is just one aspect, understanding the root cause is also of paramount importance. Figuring that out is without an APM software is immensely difficult.

While there are a few other options available to address some of the aforementioned concerns, it is often seen that companies that don’t employ an APM software tend to react when customers come knocking on doors complaining. This is most certainly not an ideal scenario. Runtime logs can be reviewed and a test environment can be recreated with anomalies to figure out the root cause. But if the problem is not something that throws up an exception, we might be wasting our crucial time for nothing and end up confusing ourselves.

Here are some of the things that you can do with your APM tool:

  • You can collect performance metrics across your complete applications environment
  • Perform real user monitoring – test the user’s experience from different locations
  • Build synthetic transactions (synthetic monitoring)
  • Plot service maps and dive deeper into the metrics
  • Meet production deadlines without any bugs in the application build
  • Test your .Net & Java environment & be assured of their normalcy
  • Detect abnormalities automatically & troubleshoot those issues before it impacts your business
  • Get alerts and notifications if the monitored application deviates from their normal state

In a nutshell, APM softwares helps users understand behaviour of their apps much better, detect and resolve problems in a lesser time proactively. Overall the business benefits as the process becomes more efficient and customers are satisfied.

Dealing with the current surge in demand? Here’s APM to the rescue

APM software brings developers, QA, operations, & product strategy teams into alignment around a common goal i.e. business continuity — exactly what we truly need right now!

  • Ensure that your applications are running seamlessly

    Achieve end to end observability across your complete applications stack. Perform real user monitoring also referred to as RUM for deeper insights into the digital experiences.

  • Instantly detect & remediate anomalies

    Motadata has integrated it’s AI capabilities with APM solution to deliver automated root cause analysis (RCA), & predict the possible issues beforehand. Such smart capabilities of an APM tool significantly assists DevOps teams in keeping their business running smoothly, and ensuring seamless digital experiences.

  • Give a helping hand to your DevOps team

    Point out the impact of any change in your production environment automatically, and eventually accelerate application release cycles.

  • Drastically reduce Mean Time to Resolution

    Trace down the slow requests with the help of distributed tracing. Track down the entire chain within every service, all the way to the database query level, & understand which particular step in the path is causing error.

Does your business need APM?

Of course not every business needs to invest in the Application Performance Monitoring Software. In case if you are using applications (SaaS/ cloud-based) that are off-the-shelf or locally installed, basically built by others, then you do not need an APM.

But, if your organization has built its own applications, then you definitely need an APM software. You may think of considering Application Performance Monitoring software if:

  • Your organization develops applications from scratch
  • Your revenue depends on the applications you’ve built
  • You have numerous systems which interact or are dependant on other applications
  • Your business operations rely on the in-house developed applications
  • Your application relies on regular support from vendor & you depend on your internal IT team members to support it
  • You can ensure that your applications are running at their peak efficiency.

We’ve listed some really good reasons above to give you the confidence that APM is the right choice for you.

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