Motadata is a platform that correlates, integrates and visualize all kinds of IT data. It is a composite application which consists of three of the basic built software components including the built in Data Store (Configuration Database), Web Application (User Interface) and Data Polling Engines.

Here, the application as well as the data store is in cooperation and being installed on the same server.

Motadata platform has now introduced new features of Business Service Management (BSM) and Network Configuration Management (NCM) as an advancement which can be utilized to handle business IT services and network configuration in a more improved manner.

Business Services Management (BSM) is required for high availability and performance of IT services that, in turn, enable business services to meet up Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

With advanced BSM, Motadata will make sure that all parts of the business can be viewed precisely with a steady picture of IT services, their particulars and their continuous standing.

The new features will now promote a customer-centric and business-focused approach to service management, which will bring into line all the business objectives along with different types of IT and network configuration services.

New Business Service Management (BSM) Features introduced by Motadata

Motadata with its new approach will now enable the impact of business needs on IT service management, IT infrastructure, network and applications.

By doing this, the new features will be assisting clients in planning both business as well as IT services to meet changing infrastructure requirements and defined business objectives.

This new approach will also assist to understand how technology, together with incidents, changes and new developments, will positively affect the businesses and the end customers.

It will assist prioritizing the activities and response of IT personnel as well as the service providers based on the business concerns. This will enable spotting of business and technology impacts as well as cost of service outages.

  • Complete trend monitoring all the way through the course of your business operations
  • Offer child business service with nested Business Services Management (BSM)
  • Provide visualization by the gauge of BSM
  • More precisely monitor network accessibility, server health, bandwidth usage, quality of network traffic, application and network performance
  • Inform you in detail when your network and application infrastructure commences to develop performance problems and when it goes down

Motadata with Network Configuration Management (NCM) approach

Motadata will now fully support the Network Configuration Management (NCM) which is a multi-vendor network change, configuration and compliance management solution for network devices which includes the switches, routers and the firewalls.

The platform will now assist in automating and taking complete control of the whole life cycle of device configuration management.

The features will support advance network automation, network compliance, configuration backup and vulnerability assessment.

It will further include:

A) Configuration Management

This functionality of Motadata will comprise of backup device configurations, maintaining history, comparing versions, upload modifications all managed from a centralized web GUI.

Automated Backup will be done through the scheduler job. This will restore the same backup along with multiple vendors. It will thus keep up all the backups and compare the old as well as the new configuration files.

B) User Activity Training

With user activity training Motadata will include maintenance of records of who, what and when the configuration changes. The records will be sorted by file type, backup time and vendors.

C) Multi-vendor Support

The solution will manage the different configurations of network devices from multiple vendors such as Cisco, Juniper, HP, Avaya and more.

Benefits through these approaches

For the IT Operations Team:

  • Precise understanding between business processes, applications, network and the IT infrastructure dependencies
  • Uninterrupted IT operations monitoring ensuring better IT performance and improvements in business service availability
  • High operational efficiency attained with superior IT management tools
  • Improvements in time taken to resolve IT and network problems

For the Business Teams:

  • Enhanced business service accessibility and performance
  • Cost, efforts and time savings as IT team now has the precise tools to do this job
  • Empowering business-to-IT connectivity driving the advantages of IT to business enablement

Moving Forward

Motadata is precisely an industry’s foremost IT ops platform that correlates the needed metric, flow and log events further turning them into actionable insights. We have been innovating Motadata as an all-inclusive software platform from time to time.

Explore Motadata, complete IT infrastructure monitoring tool which is a comprehensive IT platform for complete management of your complete IT infrastructure elements. Better you should try it today and perceive how it works with a free trial for 30 days!