Motadata at GITEX Technology Week 2021

GITEX GLOBAL 2021 has come to an End! A big thanks to our partners and visitors for taking the time to come & meet us.

Being the biggest trade show in the region, GITEX gave us the right platform to unveil our latest AI-powered offerings, AIOps and ServiceOps, which we are positioning as a unified solution to meet the challenges faced by enterprises due to the rapid modernization of their businesses.

One of the primary motivations for us to venture into the realm of AIOps was the realization that businesses are slowly moving away from operational metrics. Rather they are focusing on drivers that give business value.

Traditionally speaking, IT leaders measured success using metrics like uptime, MTTR, TCO, etc. Although these metrics are still relevant, the focus has shifted around improving the digital experience. Accordingly, IT leaders are reconsidering their goals and strategies.

Four Core Factors that Will Drive Adoption of AI in ITOps Management

Based on our research, we have identified four core factors that will drive the adoption of AI-enabled IT operations management:

1. Customer experience: Opportunities to improve customer experience can be a source of disruption. Our unified solution connects monitoring and service automation leading to automated remediation of problems in a closed-looped, improving MTTR.

2. Agility and innovation: Modern enterprises work with rapidly evolving technologies that require the adoption of new IT capabilities without any security risks. This can be achieved through AIOps that brings in AI-powered service assurance through performance monitoring, predictive analytics, anomaly detection, and service desk automation. Agility ensures that the end-user experience is consistent and predictable.

3. Employee experience: IT teams working with traditional monitoring systems are overwhelmed with the sheer number of alerts that they must deal with. Mid-size IT teams face on average 50000 alerts in a month. Any improvement in the employee experience has a direct impact on the business. AIOps brings in machine learning that expedites processes like RCA, event correlation, and automated resolution of known issues. This frees up time for service technicians to focus on critical issues.

4. Cost: IT teams on average use 6-9 tools to manage their monitoring activities. We offer a unified solution that provides the necessary automation to aggregate data from dispersed sources and analyzes it for insight. This allows an enterprise to lower its TCO.

In “Market Guide for AIOps Platforms,” Gartner predicts that “by 2023, 40% of DevOps teams will augment application and infrastructure monitoring tools with AIOps platform capabilities”.

Who Will be Using AIOps?

AIOps has valid use cases across industries and domains. Large enterprises with complex IT infrastructure must bear the burden of scale and rapid adoption of changes. Adopting AIOps would mean gaining the required agility to withstand changes and consistently deliver the required customer experience.

Small and medium-sized companies born on the cloud need AIOps to develop and release software continuously.

DevOps teams need AIOps to have a better understanding of their environment. Such a holistic view will ensure an uninterrupted CI/CD cycle for their applications.

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