Network Interface Monitoring

Obtain the most accurate and detailed insights into the network interfaces and identify the abnormal activities occurring in sub-interfaces. Monitor various interfaces, such as the Ethernet and wireless, with Motadata AIOps.

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What is Network Interface Monitoring and Why Does it Matter?

Network interface monitoring is a method of analyzing network traffic to detect and report on problems with the network. The practice has been followed for various reasons. From testing to finding bugs in the interface, user experience and an interface can be more seamless and efficient by monitoring the network interface.

A way to monitor your network performance is by using network interface monitoring software. This will allow you to have a complete summary of all the interfaces on all the devices instantly. In addition, identifying network issues is easier when the monitoring solution can discover the occurring issue and perform root cause analysis.

Network Interface Monitoring is essential for many reasons. MMTR First, it’s the only way to see what’s going on within your network. It is a critical tool in any IT professional’s arsenal. It’s the only way to see what’s going on with your network, after all.

It can be used to troubleshoot network-related problems, find bottlenecks, and also optimize performance.

How to Choose the Best Network Interface Monitoring Tool for Your Enterprise Needs

The best interface monitoring tool should be able to provide the most accurate and detailed alerts about the interfaces. The time range should be wide enough to include all the possible events. Sub interfaces should also be monitored so that the system can identify any abnormal events.

Choosing a tool is not an easy task because multiple options are available in the market. But, the best network interface monitoring tool should have MTTR as low as possible, and it should also support a wide variety of interface types, including Ethernet interfaces and wireless interfaces.

Network Interface Monitoring with Motadata AIOps

Motadata AIOps offers advanced network interface monitoring with bandwidth and flow analysis capabilities. This provides complete visibility into the network traffic, allowing you to analyze the existing network environment in detail.

Motadata AIOps can monitor networks through interfaces that support SNMP and provide a customizable dashboard that lets you view the bandwidth performance & network traffic.

Advanced observability with Motadata

Motadata offers advanced observability to monitor your entire network infrastructure’s health, performance, and availability. This ensures end-to-end visibility for IT organizations to resolve network issues faster.

Network Performance Optimization

With Motadata AIOps, Identify bandwidth-hogging users and applications with real-time network bandwidth monitoring and visibility into Quality of Service. Leverage our dashboard, topology mapping, and forecasting to identify issues and bottlenecks. Depending on the critical metrics suitable for the organization, a custom dashboard can be easily created.

Network Switch Monitoring

The need for monitoring network switches arises because the switch is a Layer-2 device that connects systems across a network using its interfaces. It’s responsible for directing data packets from one system to another. Network switches are necessary devices because they allow data to be transmitted more quickly within an organization’s specific network.

Motadata AIOps monitors network switches, ensuring better performance and reducing downtime by identifying potential problems before they occur. It automatically discovers all interfaces in a network and maps them with the core switch.

Advanced Alerting

Our AIOps platform incorporates AI and ML for anomaly detection that helps to spot malfunctioning devices quickly. Motadata AIOps platform also has an in-built forecasting engine that empowers IT teams to perform capacity planning of network bandwidth and infrastructure.

AI-based monitoring systems have been able to detect anomalies better than humans, which is why AIOps incorporates AI and ML as an advanced alerting mechanism for the servers and networks. Motadata AIOps not only detects the anomalies but also forecasts potential failures from the behavior and patterns.

Advanced Network Monitoring

Advanced Network Monitoring is the process of using a variety of tools to monitor network traffic. These tools are used to detect anomalies in the network traffic, identify intruders, and provide data for capacity planning.

Motadata AIOps platform supports monitoring via SNMP, SNMP traps, jFlow, NetFlow, sFlow, and NBAR2 of firewalls, routers, switches, wireless devices, load balancer, etc. The process can be explained in the given actions.

1. Monitoring traffic between two points on a network or within a subnet
2. Monitoring traffic through different types of ports
3. Determining the bandwidth utilization
4. Determining packet loss
5. Monitoring server availability

All in all, Motadata AIOps is a one-stop solution for anything and everything you and your infrastructure needs to be monitored. The network being a critical component for the enterprise, securing the network’s good health and monitoring network traffic is essential, and Motadata can assure that. Reach out to us at to know more.