What is Server Performance Monitoring?

Server Performance Monitoring is referred to as consistent monitoring of all network infrastructure, related to servers to analyse their resource utilisation trends & later on optimize it for a smooth end-user experience. Server Monitoring makes admins sure about server’s current state and whether or not it is capable of hosting business-critical apps, thereby offering you a complete view into the state of your system – whether it is working or not.

Server performance monitoring’s concept is pretty straight forward, it’s a regular server data collection & real time or historical data analysis to make sure that the network servers are up and running and also performing optimally thereby fulfilling their intended function.

Server’s key performance indicators are analysed closely to lower, or in fact prevent outages/ server slow-downs. The selection of these KPIs or data points depend on how these points are being monitored. The selection will depend on the type of server, its function, and dependencies. Irrespective to the metrics selection, general server data aggregation & analysis remains the same no matter what is the OS.

As your IT infrastructure expands, the strategy behind server monitoring becomes more & more complex and dispersed. Server data gets generated in large quantity and there is a dire need for automation to analyse this data quickly. Server Monitoring Automation with Artificial Intelligence helps IT administrators in saving time by using limited resources that too for just higher value business initiatives rather than doing mundane repetitive tasks to avoid server issues.

What to Measure?

Server Performance Monitoring tool, measure metrics like CPU & Disk utilisation parameters to track the burden on your processor for assessing overall server’s memory utilization. Server administrators generally prefer a network monitoring tool which gives unabridged server performance monitoring capabilities along with network, application, database, cloud monitoring which helps them visualise all the network elements from one central view. We have another blog on the topic “Network Performance Monitoring for Improved Network Visibility” which will give you a clear picture about the same.

To get an understanding of what’s happening inside your servers, you must measure the traffic, server utilization % and the number of packets transferred within the interface.

Motadata’s server monitoring module monitors various crucial metrics related to:

  • Server’s Memory Utilization
  • Disk Input or Output
  • Network Interface
  • Health of Hardware
  • Scheduled Tasks
  • Errors related to Logs
  • Server’s Load

Server Monitoring Benefits

A downtime for any server leads to lost revenue directly or indirectly; like lost opportunities, lost employee productivity, or SLA penalties. By bringing down the server downtime using server performance monitoring, you can minimize the cost and enhance overall communication. When calculating ROI for server monitoring tool, one must weigh the business wide operational costs related to server downtime with respect to IT resources for delivering best possible uptime.

What’s the best server monitoring tool for you?

Motadata serves as an ideal server performance monitoring tool which provides real-time analysis of server performance irrespective of their environments be it physical, virtual or cloud. The tool monitors & alerts for every parameter including the crucial metrics that matters the most. The tool helps server administrators in detecting & resolving server performance or availability related issues quickly before they become a greater threat to the organization.

Monitor the following servers with Motadata:

  • Database Server
  • Application Server
  • Virtual Server
  • Web-Server
  • Mailing Server
  • Files Server
  • Hardware

Motadata’s server monitoring tool is the most preferred server performance monitoring software for 1000s of worldwide IT professionals. While most of the other tools give performance stats of the server’s performance. Motadata server performance monitoring tool lets their users to achieve deep level visibility into server performance along with robust monitoring, alerting as well as analytical capabilities. Motadata’s intuitive dashboard, seamless integrations, ease of use, advanced alerts & pocket friendly pricing makes Motadata one of the best server monitoring tools available in the market today.