Virtualization Operational

Virtualization has democratized the power of cloud. It has created the most efficient way of taking optimal benefits of existing infrastructure resources while keeping total costs of ownership under control.

The VMworld 2016 Barcelona was solely targeted to bring agility in VM operations via security and operational simplicity.

Operational simplicity demands a solution which can track and analyze critical performance parameters in real time and make VM operations more intelligent with holistic visibility.

Virtualization market has grown tremendously over the past decade, and analysts predict that it has already gained maturity. At this stage with large number of deployments, operational simplicity concerns are giving nightmares to not only OEMs but also to the large base of existing customers.

Some of the key challenges in operational simplicity have been illustrated as follows:

No standardization in implementation

All leading virtualization vendors follow their propriety implementation in architecture and there are no set of governing standards.

Operational visibility tool in such scenario needs integration and testing with each vendor software, which is indeed a cumbersome and complicated task.

Central management OEM tools lag operational visibility

All leading virtualization vendors have specific central management tools like VMware’s vSphere. These central management tools lag holistic visibility approach and can provide only specific configuration and performance details.

For complete operational simplicity they lag to provide a reliable platform.

Complicated deployments raising the bar for operational simplicity

Private and hybrid cloud deployments have attained a great market growth in recent years. Complicated virtual machine deployments have become a common norm where it is more challenging to provide holistic operational visibility.

Automation support for fault management

Service Level Agreement (SLA) adherence and Business Service Management (BSM) have become need of the hour. Operational simplicity tools need to automate of fault management procedures so as to achieve SLA and BSM goals.

Taking these challenges into account, Motadata has been conceptualized with a focus to bring in operational simplicity to virtualization monitoring.

It is a big data analytics platform that provides holistic visibility into all virtualization operations with provisions to automate remedy actions for effective fault management.