As an organization, you might have witnessed the problem of internal devices diagnosed with a problem, and your IT department will take a lot of time to resolve the issue.

Of course, the problem might be anything, but the lack of proper IT management will cost you massive productivity loss and revenue loss.

In addition, this whole scenario will cause a delay in service delivery and service management. Therefore, an organization must solve the problems in a specific timeline.

But talking about the current scenario, we are now living in a technology-driven world, and customer/employee support systems are different and valuable these days.

As a result, enterprises and organizations use these innovative technologies, such as IT helpdesk software, to provide exceptional assistance to customers and employees.

For example, with the help of problem management, incident management, and SLA management module in IT helpdesk software, an organization can easily detect the issue and solve it efficiently with auto-escalation within a specific timeframe to reduce the loss of productivity and revenue. Organizations can also measure SLA performance with the help of SLA Management.

Now, you will have a lot of questions in your mind like,

  • What Is Helpdesk Software?
  • Why is it crucial for enterprises?
  • The evaluation of Helpdesk software

Hold on, we will answer all your questions in this blog post but first, let us understand the definition of Helpdesk.

A helpdesk is a support tool that helps organize customer communication by quickly and efficiently resolving customers’ problems. It enables the business to provide the most satisfactory customer experience.

In a big enterprise, the Helpdesk process could be online, where the requester submits requests and technicians provide resolution for the same. At the same time, helpdesk software is ticketing software that offers centralized help to the users within the organization and customers.

In addition, helpdesk software comes with some exciting and innovative features that help make customer support more accessible.

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The History and Evolution of Helpdesk

When we talk about the Helpdesk history, it is different from what we are using today. Before the start of the 20th Century, if you remember, getting help from a business was all about physically visiting the premises and discussing it with the owner.

Whereas in an organization, you need to discuss with the IT department any issues. The Helpdesk history is all about face-to-face interaction to resolve the issue.

New technologies were introduced in the middle of the 20th Century, and innovations transformed the customer support industry. With the invention of the Telephone and the telephone switchboard, the Helpdesk emerged with a new approach.

Organizations have started setting up call centers by hiring customer support executives who will interact with the customers over the Telephone and provide resolutions. The idea and innovation were good, but they consumed a lot of capital.

To overcome the substantial investment issues, interactive voice response (IVR) come into existence, reducing the cost and overload of the customer support team.

After all these traditional helpdesk scenarios, now comes the exciting part and the birth of the internet on January 1, 1983. The invention of the internet brings new opportunities and innovation to the Helpdesk, where customers can connect with the organization through the internet, emails, and live chat systems.

In addition, organizations were outsourcing their overall customer support to third-party companies to reduce costs and witness exceptional customer experience.

As technology and process grow, the expectations and needs of the customers also rise simultaneously. As a result, managing the string of emails becomes quite difficult for the support team, and challenges are introduced, affecting the end-user experience.

Here comes the evolution of Helpdesk, or you can say the need for more advanced helpdesk software.

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Evolution of Helpdesk as a Software

In the realm of software development, organizations have increasingly turned to various software solutions to manage customer problems and issues. Therefore, it introduced innovative software packages for faster creating, submitting, and resolving of customers’ issues.

Collectively the software packages are known as Helpdesk Software. With this innovative software, technicians and the support team can efficiently track, manage, and resolve requests submitted by end-users and the internal team.

By integrating advanced Helpdesk software, organizations can proficiently manage the helpdesk service. The most advanced Helpdesk software provides you:

  • SLA management
  • Ticket management system
  • Performance monitoring
  • Incident management
  • Feedback monitoring
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The Future of the IT Helpdesk

The future of the IT helpdesk will be shaped by upcoming innovative technologies and an understanding of the needs of technicians and end-users.

The futuristic IT helpdesk will no longer focus on only resolving the tickets, but it is more about providing an incredible customer experience. Smart helpdesk software focuses on constant improvements and brings access to new innovations for the organization.

1. Enhancing Customer Experience (CX) & Employee Experience (EX)

With the help of improved IT service and support, Helpdesk software will help in enhancing customer experience and employee experience.

In addition, by leveraging innovative technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Gamification, the Helpdesk service will create personalized self-service for multiple platforms, which will help in providing excellent customer experience and employee experience.

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2. Introducing Intellectual Automation

The current Helpdesk contains simple process automation, but the futuristic helpdesk software will be more advanced with impactful technologies such as Machine learning and big data. As a result, organizations will identify the issues faster and witness speedy resolution with intelligent automation.

3. Achieve Optimum Performance Levels

By integrating big data technology, organizations can achieve more accuracy in reporting and analytics data. In addition, big data technology will capture more data points which will help in providing intuitive insights for better helpdesk performance.

With the help of advanced technology and innovation, the Helpdesk will achieve its optimum performance levels.

Wrapping Up

IT Helpdesk software is crucial for any organization to provide incredible customer experience and employee experience. The days of traditional helpdesk platforms are gone. Instead, the world is of innovation and futuristic technologies, making the helpdesk software more advanced and innovative.

Whether it be integrating advanced automation for reducing human intervention to detecting and providing faster resolution of IT issues, the Helpdesk offers critical insights into the IT service that helps in delivering delighting customer experience.

Every organization strives for faster incident resolution and an exceptional support process for the end-users. Motadata’s Helpdesk platform has multi-channel adoption that maximizes user engagement and provides better accessibility throughout the IT infrastructure.

From amplifying customer and employee experience, introducing intelligent automation, to witnessing real-time visibility, Motadata’s Helpdesk is here with an ITIL-aligned, Pink VERIFY Certified that contains everything your organization needs to streamline IT service management to improve productivity.

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A helpdesk is a tool that helps organize customer and employee communication for the organization. In addition, it provides customized information and support management systems to manage the company’s internal and external problems. Click here to read more about the Helpdesk.

Helpdesk software comes with a ticketing system, where any requestor can create tickets for their issues, and technicians will provide resolution for that ticket. This whole process is known as the Helpdesk ticketing system.

While choosing the best helpdesk software for your organization, ensure that you keep the following things in mind.

  • Easy-to-use Interface
  • Customized Dashboard
  • Quick and quality customer support
  • It should contain all the features that your organization needs

Our Helpdesk software covers all the above points.

Helpdesk software comes with innovative features such as Canned Responses, statuses, private notes, filters & tags, and collaboration that simplifies customer support.