Staying on top of the network performance monitoring metrics for your databases, servers and network devices is critical for the operation and maintenance of your IT infrastructure.

Every IT admin wants their users to experience negligible or no downtime while using their app or retrieving their emails and also for their end customers to quickly access apps based on cloud and other data in a hassle free way.

Nothing gets worse than getting a call from your users that your network is down. Quite often, IT teams lack the executive level visibility they need to stay ahead of operational or performance issues, which means you’re unaware of the issue until a customer or user calls to complain. Whenever any outage happens, the clock has already started ticking.

The longer it takes to resolve the issue, the more it costs you: in terms of staff time, lost efficiency / productivity, and compromised end-user satisfaction.

Switches and routers, VMs, wireless network devices, and apps on cloud or of all kinds need a 24X7 round the clock network monitoring solution. Keeping tabs on your critical network devices means you can fix issues faster, before it gets out of hand.

Here are top six reasons why network performance monitoring solution can lighten IT team’s work load and make their life easier.

Network Performance Monitoring Benefits You Should Know

1. Stay ahead of IT outages & downtime

What causes IT outages & downtime? Human/ manual error, configuration related issues, & natural factors can all contribute to it.

Deploying a network monitoring solution is one of the most efficient and simple ways to protect your IT infrastructure from these outages or downtime from happening in the first place.

The network monitoring solution gives you the desired visibility IT admins need to stay on top of potential network issues. By showing live network performance or availability data in an easy-to-understand GUI, NMS helps you identify these outages that could cause downtime.

2. Achieve immediate ROI

IT professionals face heavy workloads and face increasingly complex network issues, quite often without the ideal time, budget or manpower required to complete them.

The right Network Management System can deliver an immediate ROI. Without the need to manually dig into network performance issues finding the needle in the haystack, staff have time back in their day to work on more critical projects.

Finding the source of issues with RCA cuts down on tedious repetitive troubleshooting time.

3. Spot and fix issues faster

In case of downtime, time is money and every second counts. The network monitoring solution makes issue resolution, faster and easier for IT network professionals.

Be it an abnormal network traffic spike or a configuration error, NMS helps IT teams to get to the bottom of the issue with root cause analysis.

Live network topology gives you deeper insight on the source of the issue and status updates on live performance of network devices.

Also, network monitoring tools help you take it a notch up. Not only it helps you spot issues, but it also helps you solve them automatically without much of manual intervention.

4. Mitigate cyber-security threats

When you don’t have the right budget for intrusion detection software or SIEM, but still want a robust tool to fight against data breaches, network monitoring tool can help secure your business-critical data.

A network monitoring tool can provide that desired first level of security. The greatest benefit you get out of it is a clear picture of what “optimal” network performance looks like for your infrastructure, making it easier for you to spot anything suspicious – whether that’s a spike in network traffic or any unfamiliar network device connection in your network.

With drill down feature you can figure out when and on which network device an usual event occurred, you’ll be able to take a proactive approach to your IT security.

5. Future Ready for Growing Networks

As technology evolves the networks grow in size too. The number of Internet-connected things is expected to reach 20.4 billion by 2020, according to one Gartner report—and while most of those devices are consumer-focused, 3.1 billion of those total connected things will be business-related in 2017.

Whether that’s sensors, wireless network devices, or cloud applications, all these equipment’s needs to be monitored continuously for suspicious activity.

IT Infrastructure is growing with velocity and veracity. New technologies are emerging and the NMS solution should be ready to deal with the evolution. An open architecture NMS solution like Motadata can do just that!

6. Justification for equipment upgrades

It’s pretty difficult to convince your seniors with just a gut feeling that a server needs an upgrade without full proof logic behind it.

But a historical report on how that equipment has been performing over the last few months is much more convincing to get the required budget approval.

NMS gives you that historic analysis for any equipment’s performance over time. Historic trends help you determine if your current technology can meet your future business needs.

Finding the right network performance monitoring tool

Automatically discover network devices, interfaces, and applications and immediately start with network performance monitoring in a multivendor IT environment for complete visibility of IT infrastructure with Motadata.

The unified view enables IT admins with a comprehensive picture of the overall IT health and also gives root-cause analysis, enabling them to resolve network issues before they affect business processes.