NMS Release Notes

Release Date: 7th Oct’ 2022

What’s New?

Uptime Value

The uptime field value for Google Redis is now converted to numeric format instead of string value format.

Decimal values increased in SLA

Support of decimal values up to 8 characters is added for the SLA target value.

Change in the description instead of Subject line

When the ticket gets triggered in ‘Clear State’ status, the description of the ticket will get changed with the updated status of the ticket instead of the subject line. For this the plugin ServiceOps Trouble Ticket is updated to version 1.5.

Health status in Third party tool

The health status (ON/OFF) information will now be sent to the third-party tool whenever the device varies in status (Up/Down). For this the plugin Webhook Alert is added with version 1.0.

Integration with Third-Party Map

Integration of ESRI API is added for viewing the Map.

CSV support added in Auto Discovery

As an improvement, scheduling of the CSV import format for Auto Discovery is added, where multiple IP ranges can be added in a CSV file and auto-discovery can be scheduled.

Upgrading Python packages

As a part of the improvement, the below python packages will be installed automatically:

– Netmiko

– Cloud Azure

– Go packages

NMS alerts received in Microsoft Teams

An improvement is added where the NMS alerts will be received on Microsoft Teams when configured. For this, the plugin Webhook Teams is updated to version 1.0.

 Log Parser for Fortimanager

Improved the regex for fortimanager log parser, thus both old and new pattern gets parsed. For this, the plugin Universal Log Parser is updated to version 8.8.

Sectona PAM Log Parser

Sectona PAM device log parsers are added and the plugin Universal Log Parser is updated to version 8.8.

End of Support (EOS)/End of Life (EOL)

CISCO EOS/EOL devices support is added in GO Polling.

Firmware Upgrade

Firmware for HP and Aruba devices is added. For this, the plugin SSH NCM Collector is updated to version 4.6.

Rest API will now provide unescaped output.

The Struts is updated to version 2.5.26 and jdk to 8.0.301 which will now help in providing the JSON format in an un-escaped format.

GO polling Performance

All packages for GO polling will be installed at the time of the Upgrade. As a part of performance improvement FPing is introduced, along with the SNMP metrics. For this below plugins are updated:

Plugin Name Version
BGP Routing 8.4
Cisco Firewall 8.4
Linux SNMP 8.7
Cisco Router 8.4
Firewall 8.5
Hardware Sensor 8.3
Juniper Firewall 8.3
Juniper Switch 8.4
Juniper Router 8.4
Router 8.7
Switch 8.5
SNMP 8.8
UPS 8.3
Sophos Firewall 1.7
Windows SNMP 8.8
Cisco SPML2 8.1
Cisco SPM 8.2
Cisco Switch 8.5
Cisco VLAN 8.1
ISIS Routing 8.4
OSPF 8.1
RF Device 8.2
Symantic Email 8.1
Ironport Email Gateway 8.2

Resolved Vulnerabilities List

No Name
1 Lack of Authentication – Account Takeover
2 Privilege Escalation – Site Wide [Read to Admin]
3 Local File Inclusion
4 Insecure Direct Object Reference
5 Privilege Escalation
6 Lack of Authentication – Multiple Instances
7 Improper Error Handling
8 Vulnerable jQuery Version
No Vulnerabilities CVE ID
1 Log 4j CVE CVE-2019-17571
CVE CVE-2020-9488
CVE CVE-2022-23302
CVE CVE-2022-23305
2 Oracle Java SE Multiple CVE CVE-2022-21426
CVE CVE-2022-21434
CVE CVE-2022-21443
CVE CVE-2022-21449
CVE CVE-2022-21476
CVE CVE-2022-21496
3 Java JMX
4 Spring CVE-2022-22950
5 Apache struts CVE-2021-31805

Bug Fixes

–  An issue was observed where Amazon Redis monitor was not getting discovered, which is resolved now. For this the plugin AWS-Redis is updated to version 7.6.

– The trouble ticket from NMS to ServiceOps were not getting generated as well as getting resolved automatically, which is resolved now and the API response is also improved at ServiceOps end.

– An issue was observed where the devices/monitors were not getting shifted from the maintenance mode to normal, which is resolved now.

Release Date: 19th Aug’ 2022

What’s New?

Addition of script action type in NCM Action tab

Script action Type is added in NCM Action where the user can upload CSV with variables in a column name for different devices which will be defined in the script and can be executed/scheduled.

Report in Horizontal Format

A flag is added in the Global Settings, where when the flag will be enabled, it would export a CSV report in horizontal format.

Support added for metric details in API call

A method is added which will be used to get all metric details for the given monitor Id. Users can add single or multiple monitor IDs in a single API call. In Param, if the single metric is passed, then, that particular metric detail will be fetched for respective monitors and if no metric is passed then all metric details will be fetched for respective monitors.

Note: Multiple Metrics will not be supported. Either single metric or no metric in API then for all metrics response will come.

Improvement in Bulk Retrieval

Bulk metrics are revised with top filters to minimize the request call & iterations for fetching data. For this, the plugin MS Azure Virtual Machine and MS Azure SQL Database are updated to version 1.1.

Discovery profiles merged in a single panel

Earlier the Network, NCM, and Cloud Discovery/Cloud profile tiles were in different distributed panels in Admin Section. Now, all these are combined in one single panel in Admin Section.

Separate Columns in Report

Monitor Custom field will be exported only in CSV format from the Dashboard and Report Section for Grid Metric only if Custom fields were enabled in extra column settings from Widget Properties.

Addition of new Regex

Changes are made in the regex for the Forti-manager log parser, so both old and new patterns can be parsed. For this, the plugin Universal Log Parser is updated to version 8.6.

Bug Fixes

–  One-Touch Upgrade was not working for the custom port, which is resolved now.

– Data Retention was not working for monthly and daily partitioned data which is resolved now. For this the plugin Motadata Data Retention Job is updated to version 4.3.

– Fetching of credential privacy was for all hosts which were causing slow down polling, which is resolved now by considering only one host.

– An issue was found where the device was not getting upgraded with the Firmware Upgrade option, which is resolved now. For this, the plugin SSHNCMCollector is updated to version 4.5.

Release Date: 6th July’ 2022

What’s New?

CSV option added to upload data in custom fields

A new option is added to the monitor grid for managing custom fields. Here, a sample CSV can be downloaded and the custom field can be updated through CSV file from the manage custom field option. Also, the Inventory Monitor CSV can be exported with custom fields.


  1. Custom Field names cannot be edited repeatedly due to an increase in cache size.
  2. A custom field can be added only in CSV format from the Manage Custom Field option.

System Name displays instead of Monitor Name

Monitor Name will now be replaced by the system name and visible in the Monitor Grid, Dashboard and Reports, when the monitor-name-replacement flag is enabled in motadata-conf file.


For CISCO APIC devices details like Tenant Name, Vrf Count, Bridge Domain Count and Endpoint Group Count can be fetched now. For this a new plugin CISCO ACI is added with version 1.0.

Details in Netflow

The interface name will now be shown along with the interface index in the flow widget (only grid view)

Note: Source Device of flow must be discovered in Motadata

New fields added in Netflow

Now, we will be fetching details of Type of Service, Peer Destination IP, Peer Destination ASN, Destination ASN, and Source ASN while capturing flow from other network devices. These fields are also added to the metric flow widget. For this, the below plugins are updated.

Plugin Name Version
NetFlow-v5 5.7
NetFlow-v9 5.6
sFlow 5.7


End of Life details available for Cisco Devices

Now, we will be able to fetch the details of the Product ID and Serial Number for Cisco Devices. Also, End of Life Date, End of Sale Date and End of Support Date will be retrieved for these devices. For this the below plugins are updated:

Note: As of now the default Cisco Eox data will be available between the dates 1990-01-01 to 2022-06-01.

Plugin Name Version
SNMP 8.7
Firewall 8.4
Router 8.6
Switch 8.4
Daily Auto Sync Job 1.0


Tags added in Link Monitoring Alerts

Tags and custom messages are added in alerts related to the Link Monitoring feature.

NCM action error

For failed NCM Action, an error code will be displayed based on the error output. This error code will be visible in the audit logs as well as in mail. For this the plugin SSH NCM is updated to version 4.4 and Telnet is updated to version 3.4.

Link Monitoring

We will now be able to generate reports for the BGP links for metric SLA and Alerts.

Credential Profile for Cloud Monitoring

A new tab is added in Admin of Cloud monitoring which includes cloud discovery,
credential profile and added cloud monitoring in the user role.

AZURE VM monitoring is added

The support of AZURE VM Monitor is added and possible for discovery. For this, the plugin MS Azure VM is added with version 1.0.

Dell EMC integration is added with additional KPIs

Dell EMC New KPI’s are added for plugin Hpe3Par with version 1.1 and IBM VSeries Storage with version 1.4.

Release Date: 10 May’ 2022

What’s New?

Unplanned Activity Monitoring

An option is added for uploading the monitor details of the different devices included in sudden unplanned activity for monitoring purpose. This can be done using the .csv available at Admin >> Other Settings >> Unplanned Activity

Note: User is liable for uploading incorrect data in the .csv file.

Addition of Serial Number Column

When any report is exported via pdf, an additional column of ‘Serial Number’ is added in the pdf for ease of viewing the count of records.

Device Hardening Compliance Report

Default rules for the Juniper Devices are added.

Backup file name

The NCM devices backup file stored on the FTP server will now be available with its name consisting with the format i.e. (monitor name)_(backup type)_(date)_(time)

NCM device Inventory List

An option is added in where you can export the inventory list of all the NCM devices in either pdf or csv format.

License Activation of Slave from Master Server

An option is added in the Product License section where you will be able to activate the License for Master and Slave independently

One-Touch Upgrade

A new option of Server Upgrade is added in the Admin Section of UI. Here, other options for viewing the Upgrade history is also added. All the activities can be easily viewed in Audit Logs.

Backup- Restore

Improvement added for Backup feature is: Full and differential backup both are made independent. The format for the file is .tar.gz.

Improvement added for Restore feature is: The table will be created during the dB crash if not present in Clickhouse. Also, the table structure will be created from metadata using the latest backup. For this the plugin motadata-report-db-backup-job is updated to version 1.7

Improvement in ServiceOps Ticketing

Auto-resolve feature is improved from both NMS as well as ServiceOps side for all multiple types of alerts and requests, and for this the plugin ServiceOps trouble-ticket-action is updated to version 1.4.

Audit report Export

As an improvement, the audit report can now be exported to pdf where larger data also can be viewed and downloaded without any error.

Auto-correlation file

Now, you can download the sample file for auto-correlation directly from the GUI without putting it at backend.

Improvement for VmWare/VCenter Parser

VmWare/VCenter logs were not getting parsed, so current parser is updated with changes in log pattern. Also, for this the plugin Universal Log Parser is updated to version 8.5 with new regex pattern for Vcenter logs.

Domain name added email action

The domain name ‘.bank’ is added for the Email action. Now, email id with domain ‘.bank’ can be configured/added for receiving the email/s.

Datanode WAN HA

As an improvement, a feature is added where the WAN HA server can also be configured for the distributed server now. Here, the host includes the standby-dB as well as master-dB, RPE, and Slave RPE.

Required Log Parser for Fortimanager

Previously, the Fortimanager logs were included in the ‘Other’ additional options, but now new parsers are added for the Fortimanager Logs as well. For this, the plugin Universal Log Parser is updated to version 8.5.

Link Monitoring

In this newly added feature, all BGP links are getting monitored. Also, the additional tabs can be added to UI using the ‘Create Widget’ option. Thus, all the live data can be monitored for the connected links. For this a new plugin Trap Poll Metric Data v1.0 is added. Also, the older plugins Router and SNMP are updated to version 8.5.

TCP TLS Log Capture

When the parameters Log-tcp-ssl-allow and tls-debug-log are enabled from the backend in the motadata config file, all the TCP TLS Logs can be captured now.

Link Monitoring Dashboard

New widgets can be created for the Link Monitoring on the Dashboard now. The live monitoring data of the links with the status UP/DOWN can also be viewed.

Bug Fixes

– Show/Hide columns were not getting saved under the monitor alerts section, which is resolved now.

– Switch Metric timeout error was observed at the time of polling in many devices, which is resolved now.

– While performing the HA for Master and Slave sync, difference was observed in the Count for Report DB table’s data, which is resolved now.

– The query parameter of DB query plugin was not getting updated due to the usage of special character which is resolved now. For this, the plugin database-query is updated to version 1.4.

– There was an issue observed where the Average Execution Widget in Oracle devices was showing the incorrect % of data which is resolved now. For which the Average Executions attributes are moved from Utilization widget to Oracle System State Information widget. For this, the plugin Oracle server is updated to version 4.2.

– An issue was observed where, the mailbox messages were not getting reflected in the widget, which is resolved now. For this, the plugin Exchange 2016 Transport Role is updated to version 1.1.

– VMWare ESXI Logs were not getting parsed and thus were not getting reflected in the widget which is resolved now, for which the plugin Universal Log Parser is updated to version 8.5.

– The backup data of Fortigate Firewall was not showing the exact information on the GUI, which is resolved now.

– The logs of VMware were missing in parser, which is resolved now. For which the plugin Universal Log Parser is updated to version 8.5.

– Raw logs data were not getting exported when any filters or source host was selected which is resolved now.

– While creating the report and later while downloading the hidden column was getting reflected due to which the other tags were getting shifted to the left side, which is resolved now.

– The VMware logs data was not getting downloaded/exported as the same as on GUI, which is resolved now.

– For the Exchange 2016 monitor, time-out and higher CPU usage issues were observed, which are resolved now. For this the plugin exchange-2016-mailbox-client-and-role is updated to version 1.1 and exchange-mailbox is updated to version 7.9.

– Data Retention job was not working as per the functionality, which is resolved now. For which the plugin motadata-data-retention-job updated to version 4. 2.

– While re-discovering any interface on UI, the system was only fetching the 32 bit counter data, which is resolved. Now, the system can fetch 32-bit as well as 64-bit data for Master and RPE.

– Time-zone related errors were observed in the Oracle DB instance which is resolved now. For this the plugin oracle-server is updated to version 4.2.

– There were some issues observed for the larger data of KPI’s in the in SLA report for the numeric information present, which is resolved now.

–  Log widget was not appearing in the Report/Dashboard Section if only the Log License was applied, which is resolved now.

– The SLA menu was appearing though the SLA Engine parameter was Off, which is resolved now.

– Credential profiles were not getting updated for monitors, which is resolved now.

– Tickets at ServiceOps end were not getting auto resolved/closed when the NMS was down and not getting proper cache file, which is resolved now.

Resolved Vulnerabilities

No Vulnerabilities CVE ID
1 OpenSSH >= 2.3.0 AllowTcpForwarding Port Bouncing
2 OpenSSH S/KEY Authentication Account Enumeration
3 OPIE w/ OpenSSH Account Enumeration
4 Log 4j CVE-2021-44832
5 JQuery CVE-2020-11022, CVE-2020-11023
6 Cross Scripting • CVE-2002-1060

• CVE-2002-1700

• CVE-2003-1543

• CVE-2005-2453

• CVE-2006-1681

• CVE-2012-3382

Release Date: 10 Jan’ 2022

What’s New

Packet Loss KPI

Packet Loss KPI which was not visible in GUI is now visible in GUI for which the plugins Linux (SNMP) is update to version 8.5, Linux is updated to version 8.8, Windows (SNMP) is updated to version 8.7, Windows WMI to version 1.8, Windows to version 8.2

Require Historical availability report data via API

Historical availability report data via API is available now with Monitor Availability API. Added new parameters as, type =duration and timeline (as per need e.g. 2021-07-21 10:00:00to2021-10-21 10:00:00). Here we have taken time limit for 3 months (92 days) between start date and end date.

Provided Scroll Bar in Report, Dashboard and Monitor

In Report, Dashboard, and Monitor section we have provided an individual scroll bar.

Update the Latest Version of Struts and Java

With this release we have updated the Struts to v 2.5.26 and jdk version to 8.0.301, Jdk Need to upgrade manually. As the Struts is updated, Rest API will now provide escaped json output.


  • In case, if the API Output is missing in Chrome or any other browser then, you need to add ‘ModHeader Extensions’ and add Accept Parameter and value as application/json as per the browser updates.
  • Extensions vary from browser to browser.

One touch upgrade in Motadata 7.x

With this release we have introduce One touch Upgrade for Master, RPE & HA. For this release one should need to upgrade from backend then later on will be done through GUI. Details steps provide in User Guide.

Default Log parser rules changes

The log parser rules which are already enabled or the default rules which is enabled or active will be shown in log module.

Added New KPI for Exchange mailbox

New KPI’s Mailbox Free size and Mailbox Utilization are added for exchange mailbox and mailbox quota. For which Exchange mailbox plugin version is upgraded to version 7.8.

Support for https SMS gateway

New SMS gateway integration is done as SMS gateway is changed to https. For which the plugin is upgraded to Soap SMS Alert 1.1

Export Option is available for Flow Visualization Section

In flow visualization, PNG and JPEG image format is supported for exporting Application view and Top N View flow has been added for all kind of flow i.e sFlow, NetFlowv5 and NetFlowv9.

Added Palo Alto vendor in NCM

  • In NCM New vendor Palo Alto been added and for which discovery, backup and restore are supported.
  • Performance optimization in device configuration backup by 90%
  • Performance optimization in device action by 75%

Remediation for violated devices in NCM compliance

NCM Compliance, Auto and manual remediation action supported for the individual rule level as well as for bulk rule level is been added. Which means it makes the device to non-violate if it is violated through any rule.

List view for the scheduler

List view for the scheduler for ease of scheduler management is been designed which is managed through global settings.

Default NCM Rules

Added Default Data for Rules in NCM Compliance

Bug Fixes

– Even after configuring Memory% calculation OID in data model, output of it (i.e., Memory% utilization, Total Memory and Memory used) wasn’t getting fetched which is resolved now.

– IBM AIX CPU core KPI detail is showing incorrect, which is resolved now for which need to upgrade IBM AIX plugin to version 8.5.

– Net flow isn’t working properly for multiple hosts and due to that cache memory gets full, so we have added new parameter flow-engine-print-refresh-time in the motadata.config & default value for the new added parameter is 60(values in seconds).

– In NCM action isn’t working with old version 4.2 so we have updated the to version 4.3- In a particular view topology got disturbed automatically and node positions change automatically which is resolved now, for which the plugin Topology builder job is updated to version 6.5 and Network Builder job is updated to version 1.5.

– Queue is increasing for Slave data node in cluster client and cluster service got automatically stop, So we have introduced batch logic process for the same and issue got resolved.

– With this release we have solved below Vulnerabilities.Note: For Observer related change for Log4j Vulnerabilities will be solved with the New ISO Release- All devices were selected in live time range Availability report was showing all device’s status in live time frame although specific status was selected.

– Validation of maximum12 months is added in data retention job. For which Plugin Data retention job is upgraded to version 4.1.- For this issue Flap count for clear alerts was determined, which is resolved now.

– In this issue, Scheduler in NCM devices screen was not showing when we schedule a backup from same screen, which is resolved now.- In NCM Backup, Additional lines were getting added in device backup, which is resolved now, for which upgrade the plugin to version 4.3.

– In NCM, we aren’t able to take backup of cisco devices which is resolved with the upgraded version of SSH collector plugin to version 4.3.

Release Date: 30 Sept’ 2021

What’s New?

NCM Compliance Module

  • NCM compliance functionality with internal and external (Regulatory) compliance policy reports.
  • Creation of NCM compliance rule, policy, and reports now available.
  • Out of the box dashboard for compliance report.

Tejas Switch Log Parser

New log regex are added for Tejas Switch. For which, the plugin Universal Log Parser is updated to version 8.2

Checkpoint Management Firewall Log

New Log regex are added for Checkpoint Management Firewall logs. This will enable the parsing of Checkpoint logs. For which, the plugin Universal Log Parser is updated to version 8.2

Array Log

New Log regex added for Array logs. This will enable parsing of Array logs as per the request. For which, the plugin Universal Log Parser is updated to version 8.2

Plexonics Switch Logs

New regex is added for Plexonics switch, this will enable parsing of Plexonics switch. For which, the plugin Universal Log Parser is updated to version 8.2.

Export to PDF support is added for audit logs.

Now we have PDF Format supported for Audit Log Export feature.

Log Management

Use cases of automatic alarm to log event correlation for issue resolution.

Windows/Linux Agent Remote Deployment in Bulk.

With this version, support for bulk remote deployment of log agent has been implemented.

IBM AIX Plugin

Now, process tabs are also added in the metrics of IBM AIX with addition of KPI’s. For which the plugin IBM AIX is updated to v8.4.

Color Coding added for Metrics Report

Now, support is added for color coding in widget-properties for metric-grid widget. Same has been applied to HTML Report as well.

SFTP support Added in DR Backup Job

As a part of improvement, Now SFTP protocol is added for the plugin, Motadata Report DB Archival Job, Motadata Report DB Backup Job and Motadata Config Backup Job.

Topology Building Feature Enhancement.

Incremental Device addition in topology is introduced with this version. For which upgrade to the latest topology plugin v. 6.4.

NCM device Bulk update Feature Enhancement

Now user can change/update the credential for multiple devices (Limited to 100 Device) through NCM bulk device update feature. Upgrade to plugin NCM Backup Job v1.5.

Retry of Failure for NCM Devices Backup Feature Enhancement

NCM backup job scheduler now supports configuration of retry interval and retry count for the failed backup devices.

Change in python engine for enabling multiple OID for tabular mode.

Polling engine enhancement to support bulk polling option for tabular OIDs.

Bug Fixes

– Reported bug for Log license calculation mis-match is resolved now.

– Reported bug is resolved. Correct alert state is visible now for devices in RPE.

– Reported bug is resolved, and user will be able to choose date in the license appropriately.

– Reported bug is resolved, and Juniper terminal is accessible for NCM and other operations.

– Reported bug for Tejas switch’s interface is down is resolved now for that update to New plugin Tejas Switch 1.0

– Reported bug is resolved. Expired contract will not be attached.- License Activation issue related to MAC-id has been resolved.

– Reported issues related to Motadata service stability is resolved.- Reported Issues are resolved. The DHCP server details are visible as requested.

– VSAN storage information of VMware ESXI is introduced with this version and upgrade to VMware ESXI plugin v8.1

– Reported bug related to Data mismatch in Availability report is resolved. Please refer the availability section in the User Guide for detailed changes.

  1. Rectification of availability value.
  2. Contract option is removed if interface is selected in availability report section.
  3. Internal calculation related to total nos. of devices has been updated. This will impact the Availability calculation for the existing reports/data also.
  4. Availability calculation is changed to time of first poll to last poll. With this implementation, first day availability will be displayed from the first poll.

– IP/Host based searching for Device feature is added in NCM. User can search the devices by its IP /host details.

– Device name missing when uploaded through CSV is resolved in this release.

– Wrong calculation of total monitoring time for month with 30 days has been Resolved in this release.

– Missing Metric information in HTTPS URL which has credential to access has been resolved in this release with URL plugin v. 5. Please upgrade to latest plugin.

– Multiple Alert entry is now corrected in the Availability Report.

Release Date: 9th July’ 2021

What’s New?

NCM Device Backup

Due to the increased volume of NCM Backup data, NCM data will now be stored to Clickhouse instead of H2.

SLA Benchmark

As a part of performance, improvement is made in SLA with respect to the existing Hardware size of the environment.
For which below parameters must be set in sytemconf:
• sla-db-event-worker:’2′
• sla-alert-message-worker:’2′
• sla-alert-inspect-worker: ‘2’

Email Action for NCM Backup

For the NCM backup attachment, the option of .txt or pdf is added now. Previously, the backup attachment was only available in HTML format. For this the plugin, NCM Device Backup is updated to version 1.4.

Traffic will be displayed in % format

Traffic values will be shown in (%) format for volume (%) in top N reports. Also, the reports can now be exported in pdf and sent over email/FTP as well. Traffic (%) will now be visible on Grid and Chart-Grid widget also.

Host Name field replaced.

Although any column is hidden, it will always get reflected in the report now when exported. Also, the Host Name field is now removed as host value gets resolved with the Source Host field.

Improvements in Motadata Engine ID for SNMPV3 trap

Overall improvement includes the system capabilities to:

  • Send its originated device Engine ID to 3rd-party device.
  • Send Motadata Engine ID in place of device engine id to the 3rd-party.

The above feature applicability will be from backend i.e in motadata.conf.yml file, where and when the parameter trap-static-engineId-enabled is set to ‘yes’ or ‘no’

Net Adapter Speed Monitoring

User will now be able to monitor the Net Adapter Speed for Windows and Windows WMI using query/command. Also, a default widget is added in Network Tab. For which the plugins Windows and Window WMI is updated to version 8.1 and 1.7 respectively

Error message Pop-up

As a part of improvement when the user doesn’t have a Radius Server and try to configure it with the empty fields, system will pop-up the Error Message.

MIN/MAX/AVG added for a single widget.

The MIN/MAX/AVG of a single metric in the single widget for dashboards and reports is added now in UI. Thus, the multiple analytics for a single metric for few widget pivot types are added.

PowerShell Script Action

An option is added for windows credentials for execution of command. Also, for running the script on windows server, discovery of windows server is not required now. For which the plugin, PowerShell is updated to version 7.6.

Log Parsers available for new devices

Log parsers are now available for Procurve HP Switch and Brocade Switch. For which the plugin, Universal Log Parser is updated to version 7.7.

NCM Enhancement

Configuration text field- ‘Extraneous Prompt’ is added as a part of improvement, for backup process configuration in telnet module.

Device Count

The device count column is added on the Home Page now.

RPE Management

User will now be able to manage the NCM Devices directly to the Master as well as RPE. Also, a different screen for NCM devices count is added in the Admin >> RPE Management.

SQL ID parameter added

The oracle session will now display the SQL Id parameter values in all types of reports. For this the plugin Oracle Session is updated to version 3.8.

Update in Sybase plugin

An update is made in the Sybase plugin of adding support of queue size in its logic, for which the plugin Sybase ASE is updated to version 1.6.

Log patterns added

For parsing the array logs and displaying them on the widgets, various log patterns are added, for which the plugin Universal Log Parser is updated to version 7.6.

Template Field added for Action

A new field of Template Id is added on the Create Action page, for which the plugin. MSDP SMS action is updated to version 1.2.

HA support over WAN

High Availability feature is now supported in NMS over WAN also. Support is added for both, Windows DNS Server as well as Bind (Linux) server.

Performance Improvement

NCM Action/Restore is now supported for multiple devices with complete performance testing.

Addition of KPI’s in Sybase DB plugin

Few KPI’s are added in the Sybase DB plugin for discovery of new parameters.

Addition of Metric Parameters

Separate device availability and metric parameters are added. For which the plugin, BGP Routing is updated to version 8.2.

Log Requirement in Agents

Windows Event ID’s are added as per the Windows Agents for displaying the Logs as per requirement.

Changes in SLA Report

  • There are few additions in the SLA Report:
  • Three additional columns are proposed along with the SLA summary information (i.e. Contract Name, Penalty %, Penalty Amount)
  • The Export of the report will be in Landscape mode to accommodate extended tabular view.
  • In the Widget configuration for Availability, only for grid option, the Contract drop down is made available for group by Tag, RPE, and Department. This will be available in Dashboard and Reports also.
  • Contract availability period is the subset of Penalty Period.

Alert and Availability

Support of report export limit of 100k rows is now added.

Checkpoint Firewall

Log parsers are added for the Checkpoint firewall.

VMware vMotion

Support for HAFor HA, the support of vMotion feature is added. The addition includes Master Failover and Failback, DB Failover and Failback and RPE Failover and Failback.

Bug Fixes

• An issue was reported where the slack notification was not working, which is resolved now. Also, for which the plugin Slack is updated to version 1.1.

• IPSLA metrics were not collecting and displaying the correct output, which is resolved now. For which the plugin, IPSLA is updated to version 7.0.

• An issue was reported where Syslog was not showing the proper data with current and historic source host, which is resolved now.

• While scheduling the Archival and Report DB Backup Job, the email Server configuration was mandatory, which is fixed and is not mandatory now. For this the plugin, Report-dB-Archival-Job and Report-dB-Backup-Job is updated to version 1.6 and 1.5 respectively.

• Secure transmission of message was not happening in the system between nsq client and server, which has been resolved now. Also, the same issue was observed in h2, which is also handled.

• An issue was observed where the NCM Backup file was not visible completely with console, which is resolved now. For this the plugin SSH NCM Collector is updated to version 4.1.

• The database name KPI was not getting displayed with the IP address for the devices, which is resolved now

• The Legatrix URL was showing down even after the successful discovery, which is resolved now.

• An issue was reported where the packet loss was not showing due to timeout, which is resolved now.

• In the Cisco Switch the port mapper device was having an issue due to which the data was not getting displayed on the GUI, which is resolved now. For this the plugin cisco-switch port mapper is updated to version 8.0.

• An issue was observed where the config backup was not working via creating the config db back up job, which is resolved now. This observation was due to large volume of data in h2 for NCM, so now all data is moved to clickhouse.

• NCM was not reflecting when the archival job was created, which is resolved now. For this the plugin, motadata-report-db-archival-job is updated to version 1.7.

• Network Interface Tab was not showing the monitor data of all monitors with widgets (Top 10 interfaces by OUT Traffic/IN Traffic/Traffic/Errors), which is resolved now. Also for which, the descending preference is given to Value first and then to time.

• An exception was getting generated while sending email, which in turn stopped the execution of the code for the daily license quota job, which is resolved now.

• An issue was observed where the Metrics were not getting reflected for IP SLA Devices, which is resolved now. For which, the plugin IP SLA is updated to version 7.1

• NCM backup was failing as per the hostname in the associated csv file, which is resolved now by making changes in the Redis configuration.

• Log License Calculation mismatch was observed as row entries were getting increased in the table. To resolve this issue, migration of H2 table is made to Clickhouse database without changing the table name.

Release Date: 28th April’ 2021

What’s New?

Performance Improvement

As a part of continuous improvement in performance, we have reduced the time for Bulk Backup and Bulk Discovery functionality. For this the plugin SSH NCM Collector and Telnet NCM Collector is updated to version 3.9 and 3.0 respectively.

Manage Tags and Multiple Device Selection

As an improvement, updation of Tags feature is improved same available as in Monitors. Also, the selection of devices supported is made multiple.

Ubuntu Upgrade support added in NMS

User can now upgrade the NMS platform from existing to Ubuntu 20.04.

Improvement in Rediscover Feature

Now, if any user uses the re-discovery feature, all the data will be reflected as per new discovery in Interface Summary.

Linux Discovery

A new parameter is added in Network discovery, which will enable the binding and generating new alerts based on instances. For this the plugin Linux Metric Collector is updated to version 8.7.

Support of Netconf protocol added in NCM

Support is added in NCM for Netconf protocol which includes Backup, Restore, Configuration and Discovery features. For this the plugin Netconf NCM Collector is updated to version 1.3.

Support to add Third Party Downtime details

Provision is made to add the unplanned third party downtime details in SLA Calculation report. Also, this is made on an abstract layer design which does not affect the actual SLA calculation. The only impacted fields are Violation Time and Compliance Time.

.txt format added to save backup

Now, .txt format is added for storing the backup in Local or FTP server for all the NCM devices. For this, various plugins are updated.

Maintenance % added in UP/DOWN time

Maintenance% is added in UP Time and DOWN time as an improvement, an option is added in Global Settings, where the maintenance time is added in Uptime.

Enhanced Alert Pop-up in NMS

The watcher job timing is lowered to keep an eye on the Disk Utilization of the Motadata Server. A pop-up is available that notifies about the disk utilization if reaches above 92%.

Improvement in Audit Logs

Major improvements are done in the description of Audit logs for the USER and NCM module. The audit logs will now show the changes done along with the devices/monitors IP’s.

HTML Format Added

User will now be able to download the Reports and Dashboards in HTML format also. Also, support of scheduling the reports in HTML is added.

Database Monitor Plugin

A new plugin database monitoring is developed with different Oracle KPI’s. For which the plugin Oracle is updated to version 3.8 and Oracle Table Space is updated to 3.6.

Update in Graph Information

As an improvement, the information displayed while showing the graphical representation of data is updated. Now, the displaying units will include kbps for measurement.

Bug Fixes

– Powershell Script and its data was not getting reflected in GUI, which is fixed now. For which the plugin Windows Powershell Script is update to version 7.7.

– The wrong data was showing in interface utilization percentage and graph. For this the plugin SNMP was updated to version 8.4.- After daily quota has exceeded, log/flow was not showing correct data of the next day as the times was not reset which is now resolved.

– Archival Job restoration was failing due to some issue. This is resolved and the utilities are converted from java to python. For this the plugin Motadata–report–db–archival–job is updated to version 1.5.

– An issue was reported where the Edit and Delete option was not working for report section in Admin module, which is resolved now.

– Error pop-ups were getting prompted for permission while creating a widget in report for Superadmin users, which is resolved now.

– Hyper-V Cluster plugin was showing errors during discovery, due to which the network metric details were not getting collected. This is resolved now and the plugin Hyper V-cluster is updated to version 2.3.

– An issue reported where an error was getting displayed in URL Monitor, which is resolved now. For this the plugin URL is updated to version 4.9.

– An issue was reported where, the report data was showing 0 KB in the exported file name. For this, the changes are made at coding level.- An issue was observed where the backup files were not getting uploaded successfully on Windows FTP Server, which is resolved now.

– NCM Backup was failing without the rediscovery repetition when user was trying to change the host name, which is resolved now. For this the changes are made at the coding level.

– While creating SLA, the upper limit and lower limit values can now be added upto 4 decimal points. Also, on a later stage, though the action is deleted configuration data will be populated correctly with required details.

– After the implementation of SSL in Clickhouse, the Report DB Backup was failing due to some error, which is resolved now. For this the plugin Motadata–report–db–backup–job is updated to version 1.4.

– An issue was observed where the Tejas Switch was not getting discovered in NMS, which is resolved now.

Release Date: 19th February’2021

What’s New?

Improved Pop-up Messages

Improvement is made in Pop-up messages for User Authentication Login Failures and are made generic now for both conditions i.e. Incorrect Login User as well as Incorrect Password.

Auto Alert Correlation

We have introduced a feature of Auto-correlation in UI to be configured from Global Settings in Admin Panel.

Below are few pre-requisites for the same:

  1. Auto correlation file should be saved on a specific path /motadata/motadata/alert-cache-files. The name of the file will be sample-alert-correlation.csv, which will be available in Documents folder.
    ** This is one time mandatory process to be followed while upgrading.
  2. All the dependent parent-child Monitors should be in the same machine(RPE or master)
  3. For Parent child correlation notification, If alert comes for child first, there will be two separate alerts. And if second alert comes for Parent, child will be impacted and disabled (if not reachable).
  4. Parameter alert-correlation-engine present in motadata.conf file is now Not in UseConfigurable Polling TimePolling time can now be configurable for all Metric Collector Plugins only. Here, the impact will be mainly on newly discovered monitors and not be effective for existing discovered monitors.

Reports stored in FTP Server

Now, user can define FTP/SFTP credentials with path to forward the report files on mentioned destination using Report Scheduler. Reports for -NCM Report Job, Business SLA Report Job and Report Job can be scheduled and sent to FTP as well as SFTP. Also, reports for scheduling and sending is possible using any format such as pdf or csv/excel.

Resolve Host Names

For Dashboard and all source/destination IP’s, none of Hostnames were getting resolved. So, the feature of Host Mapper in Admin Panel is now considered instead of DNS resolver for resolving all IP’s using host names.

Nutanix Monitoring

New plugins are added for monitoring Nutanix Devices as well, for which plugins Nutanix Cluster, Nutanix Host, Nutanix VM are updated to version 1.0.

Auto Ticket Feature for Log and Traps

For Trap and Log alerts, user will now be able to bind action on existing ITSM/ServiceOps Plugin as well as on newly created plugin. For this, the plugin ServiceOps Trouble Ticket Action is updated to version 1.3 and Trouble Ticket Action is updated to version 1.8.

Deletion of Monitor

While deleting a monitor, a confirmation message will be popped before the deletion. Also, now when the device is deleted the backup data will be deleted too. Here, the Audit logs will be available.

Metrics in Vcenter

Few additional plugin metrics are added in Vcenter, for which the plugin Vcenter is updated to version 7.7. Also, the default Template for the existing monitor will have to be manually attached and for newer ones the new added metrics will reflect on addition of plugin.

Improvement in Motadata Health Screen

Now, Motadata Health Screen will get updated without entering the password to view the metrics on health screen.

Custom group can be added for LDAP

An option is added in LDAP Server configuration in UI, from where the user can now create a custom group and Motadata will fetch all the users from the selected custom group.

Downloading of Reports and Dashboard

As improvement, the option for downloading the Reports and Dashboards in Word format is available now. Also, scheduling of Reports and Dashboards is also available in Microsoft Word now.

Improvement in Exchange Mailbox

Few Mailbox Metrics and default widget metrics are added as an improvement. For which the plugin Exchange 2016 Mailbox and Client Access Role to version 1.0 and Exchange 2016 Transport Role to version 1.0.

OLT Plugin

Now, plugin have been developed which will be able to support the monitoring of OLT ONT Power details information via fetching the plugin metrics using different SSH commands. For this the plugin OLT Metric is developed with version 1.0.

Added Special character ($) support

While creating any action, a macro starting and ending with the special characters ($) are possible. Thus, validation of the special character in the action name is now allowed.

Improvement in License Utility

The date picker utility is now simplified and made easier to select even the older or newer days/months. Also, a Download button is added on top right header bar which allows user to download the issued license.

Support for AES256 and AES192

As an improvement, support is added for receiving any type of traps from SNMPv3 which includes the protocol support of AES256 and AES192 also.

Improved SNMP Polling

Capabilities in SNMP are added for polling, which provides inclusion of added context parameters also. For this various SNMP plugins are updated.

Customized Global Map

For any widget visualization, the user can now zoom out for particular location to be viewed in google map, instead of having a generic view of whole map.

Syslog Parsing

As an improvement a complete new data model is introduced for SANGFOR Firewall, so that logs can be forwarded and received on Motadata Server.Log usage for each MonitorA new change is made from backend in h2 console, which will record and display the Log Usage of each monitor.
** Time window kept in host filter is now improved from 24hours.


Now, HA servers can be connected over WAN also. Support is added only for failover fallback server over WAN for Master Server only. (Not supported for RPE as of now).

Text Search Feature in HA

As an Improvement, Workflow is added for Sync Log indexing for HA. Below are a few points to be taken care while upgrading:

  • Data sync would only get started the moment user upgrades.
  • Previous data needs to be synced manually, if required.
  • Motadata-Cluster needs to restart once the upgrade finishes.

Bug Fixes

– Hostname was not getting resolved on dashboard for the flow visualization, which is resolved. Also, host name which was getting resolved using RabbitMQ is also improved now and for this the plugin RabbitMQ JMS Action is updated to version 1.2.
**DNS Resolver Menu is now known as Host Mapper Menu

– An issue was observed where user was not able to provide the manage rights for adding RPE, which is resolved now.

– An issue was observed where sorting for the data based on column was not functioning properly, thus a new widget property column is added to avoid sorting issue.

– Few vulnerabilities were observed which are resolved now. And, SSL & HTTPS Implementation in h2 & Clickhouse connection is done for the same.

– An issue was observed where the logs were not getting displayed in the correct order as per the events, which is resolved now.

– An issue was observed where the URL monitors were not getting polled, which is resolved now. For which the java plugin is now transferred to python plugin and plugin URL is updated to version 4.8.

– As per observation, the Ellipsis feature was not functioning properly for Column widget properties, which is resolved now.

– Now, if once the SLA is starts, editing is not allowed for any changes unless the SLA start date is a future date.

– User was not able to select the filter properties, when the flag for ‘Allow Monitor Polling Issue Mail’ in Global Settings was enabled, which is resolved now. Now, different filters as well as actions can be selected for monitors.

– An issue was observed where the Cisco Switch was not getting discovered in NCM, which is resolved now. For this the plugin SSH NCM Collector is updated to version 3.8.

– An issue was observed where the alerts were not getting bind with the configured monitors, which is resolved now.

– Few vulnerabilities were observed for servers, which are resolved now.

– An issue was observed where the utilization information of Apache Servers was not reflecting over GUI, which is resolved now. For this the plugin Apache HTTP is updated to version 3.6.

– Alert was not getting triggered for any response code other than 200 OK, which is resolved. Now, response is stored for failed request also. For this the plugin URL is updated to version 4.8.

– An issue was observed where the DR site was showing the incorrect entries, which is resolved. Now, the logic to read host name is added to avoid issues.

– Delay in alert generation was observed for some Port monitors due to issue in poling, which is resolved now. For this the plugin Port is updated to version 3.6.

– A count mismatch was observed in traps/Log count due to a Group by Widget, which is resolved. Now, an additional category of trap is added to show all the related details and count as well.

– Support for Email id for three characters in domain name is added now for configuring the Email action, for which the validation changes are also added.

– An issue was observed where the non-pingable devices were not getting discovered, which is resolved. Now, using the Ping Plugin, all the non-pingable devices can also be discovered. So, the plugin Ping is updated to version 7.9.

– An issue was observed where data was not getting reflected on Motadata GUI, which is resolved now.

– An issue was observed where the interfaces were showing no result when put for re-discovery, which is resolved. Now, the re-discovery feature is added which will rediscover and generate alert as well.

– An issue was observed in the Alert Map Widget, which is resolved now and included in vulnerabilities improvements.

– Trap Listener was not configurable due to missing queries, which is resolved now.

– An issue was observed where email notifications were not getting triggered for CISCO devices, which is resolved now.

– Monitor name was not reflecting in NCM devices as per the exported .csv devices, which is resolved now.

– Logs were not getting displayed in Widgets, Dashboards and Search, which is resolved now.

– Wrong tag Count and logs were getting displayed in Home Screen and Dashboard, which is resolved now.

Release Date:  21st December’2020

What’s New?

Improved SNMP Trap Performance

As an improvement, reported issues regarding the reception of traps have been resolved. Now we support traps up to 100 eps.

Improved Log Performance

Now, we can have up to 5000 log eps with distributed Log-RPE. Also, need to set below OS Level parameter:sysctl -w net.core.rmem_max=12582912sysctl -w net.core.wmem_max=12582912cat /proc/sys/net/core/rmem_maxcat /proc/sys/net/core/rmem_max


Single Sign On (SSO) feature is introduced wherein NMS applications are integrated with IDAM applications for easier login and lesser credentials creation. Here, the user will be directly clicking on the NMS application icon/URL and will be auto-logged in a new tab.

NCM Device Discovery Improvements

  • An option is added to assign NCM devices to a specific department.
  • An option is added to assign tags in NCM devices. Users will be able to assign tags to a specific department. A user who has that specific department will be able to see NCM devices
  • Specific device grouping is now allowed to take backup and restore the backup.
  • An audit trail is now available for devices moved from one department to another or tag changed.
  • CSV format is made the same as monitor network discovery. For example, IP Address, Monitor name, Tag 1, Tag 2, and Tag 3.

NCM Configurations

For all failed devices, users will be able to push the same actions or configurations. In addition to it, a list in pdf or CSV will be exported with all required fields including the error/failed time. The user will now be able to see only his audit log or similar role/department’s log. Admin users or more privileged user will be able to see all or underprivileged user’s activity in the audit trail. Also, the NCM notification will contain the device group or tag name.

Report DB Backup Job

Email actions and SMS actions are now made non-mandatory while creating any scheduler job. For which the plugins, Report-dB-archival-job and Report-dB-backup-job are updated to version 1.4. 

MySQL v8.0.21

Support of MySQL Server V8.0.21 is now supported in our MySQL Plugins. For this, the plugins MySQL Database Metric Collector is updated to version 2.5, and MySQL Server Metric Collector is updated to version 2.3.

Widget Property

When the report is exported via PDF or CSV, the widget properties would be visible only if added, otherwise will not be included in the exported file.

Email Alert

When any user will install the Email Alert Plugin, an option will be prompted for the installation of a new html template or older. If yes is selected the new template will be installed and if No is selected older will be installed. This parameter html-template-supporting-version will be available in plugin.yml file. Thus, for this, the plugin Email Alert action is updated to version 5.1.

Note: This prompt will be popped up at the backend and not on UI.Auto Penalty/Credit Calculation

  • For configuring SLA Penalty, Service Contract Screen is updated to enter the base value after every drop in SLA where different SLA percentages are mentioned.
  • The option is added to configure penalty for single as well as a group of devices that too for different time ranges.
  • Auto Penalty Calculation is also added.

VLAN Management

VLAN configuration is allowed and supports:

  • Monitoring of VLAN
  • Managing of Centralized VLAN
  • Topology- Trunk VLAN Link between switches
  • Topology- Access Link VLAN between Switch and end devices
  • Backup/Restore


  • VLAN back up tag version will always remain v1.
  • Interface admin status will not be available for cisco cat xe

Trap Auto-ticket with ServiceNow

Trap Auto-ticket is created using RabbitMQ for which the Rabbit MQ JMS producer is developed. Also, Trap Alert Field Mapping is created. All the requests will be maintained in click house DB for reconciliation with the exact count of tickets generated. User will be able to configure all the fields in GUI and backend logs will also be logged. For this, the plugin Rabbit MQ is updated to version 1.1.

SFTP support in Motadata DR Backup Job

An option of SFTP is added to transfer the configuration file to the DR site. For which the plugin Motadata DR Backup Job is updated to version 1.1.

RPE- HA Failover

The RPE observer will possess the below features:

  • It will consistently monitor the active RPE’s (current RPE as per configuration file), at the scheduled time period.
  • It will start motadata services on an active RPE and check if its service is stopped at every heartbeat.
  • If the second last heartbeat check and either the service or reachability is unavailable, it will send a notification audit log to the Admin user. Also, activity logs will be available.
  • If the number of heartbeat checks is done and is equal to reconnect time the observer will add that RPE into the list of down hosts and switchover the services to linked passive RPE.
  • If there is a switchover, the observer will send an email to the admin user and DB audit request to master.

Bug Fixes

  • An issue was reported where while rediscovering the interface device type Linux, Linux SNMP and windows SNMP were not getting discovered, this is resolved now. For which the plugin Linux SNMP and Windows SNMP is updated to version 8.2 and 8.4
  • The issue was observed where the ticket was not getting created from NMS to ITSM, which is resolved now. For which the plugin Trouble Ticket Action is updated to version 1.7
  • An issue was observed where there were multiple processes running in Linux, which is resolved now and process id are defined now. For which the plugin Linux is updated to version 8.6.
  • The issue was observed wherein the client wasn’t able to discover the Cisco Switch in the NCM, which is resolved now.
  • A topology linking issue was observed after upgrading the server with the latest version, which is resolved now.
  • The issue was observed where the services of HA were getting freeze, which is resolved. Now, a scheduler is added where at every 30seconds to check the cluster service and restart in case if stopped.
  • The issue was observed where there were duplicate entries found for the same monitor Id, which is resolved now.
  • The issue was reported where the client was not able to discover the JBoss application with the correct credentials, which is resolved now. For which the plugin JBoss is updated to version 2.4.
  • The top 10 sources in the widget were not displaying correctly in the graphwhich is resolved now.
  • An issue was reported where the devices after adding with privacy protocol AE256 were showing down, which is resolved now.
  • While exporting the historical report, the column hid on UI was not getting hidden while exported, which is resolved now.
  • NetFlow worker was getting stopped suddenly which was resulting in data loss, which is resolved now, for which a flow component is added in watchdog to start the process in case of stopped.
  • An issue was observed in the Trap Forwarder after upgrading the server to the latest version, which is resolved now.
  • The issue was reported where there was a mismatch in the report of Syslog data. The count on GUI and count in Click-house DB was differing, which is resolved now.
  • NCM dashboard was showing a wrong error message, which is resolved now.
  • The issue was reported where after upgrading to the latest version, monitors were not showing provisioned, which is resolved now. For which, a parameter is changed snmp-devices.yml.

Release Date: 13th October 2020

What’s New?

Log Parser for Sophos Firewall

Development and variations are made for the Sophos Firewall. A few parsers are added for audit logs to fall in the configured Sophos category.

ACL Management Support

An admin will be able to control functions such as adding newer ACL (Access Control List) rules as well as viewing/editing them. Also, the support of centralized management of the ACL is added.

Separate Log Management

Support of horizontal scaling is added for processing. Here, a new server is added for separate processing of Log Parsers.

Note: As of now we are only implementing one single additional log server.

Linking of two interfaces

The connection of any two devices with each other via two links in Manual Topology is possible now.

Improved Security Application Vulnerabilities

Some of the observed security vulnerabilities are improved which includes major changes in the JDK Libraries Version – 1.8.0_251. For this mysql -database- metric and mysql -server- metric plugin is updated to version 2.5 and 2.3 respectively.

SSH Script Authentication

Users will be able to discover SSH script monitors via Password-based authentication as well as Key-based authentication. Support of Key-based authentication is only for key generated using the RSA algorithm. For this, the SSH script plugin is updated to version 8.1

SNMP based Windows Polling Process

By default the ‘Enable Process Monitoring’ is disabled. If this is Enabled all the processes for fetching the services will start. For this Linux-SNMP and Windows-SNMP plugin are updated to 8.1 and 8.3 respectively.

Note: Supported for SNMP V2 and above.

Disk Latency Widget Removal

The Disk Latency metric is removed from vm-ware widget. For this, the vm-ware plugin is updated to version 7.8.

Segregation for User Roles

Partial rights to the admin panel can be set in the user role, where a user can choose the admin panel modules to give rights.

Software Image and SMU Repository

Now, users will be able to upload any software image/SMU. Also, in the case of vendor software, all the details such as Vendor name, vendor family, device type, number of images will be shown. In the case of up-gradation of image/SMU is to be performed, it is also supported. For this, the SSH and Telnet plugins are updated to version 3.5 and 2.7 respectively.

Note: As of now this feature is supported with Cisco IOS Software only.

Support for AES192 and AES256 protocols

Users will now be able to:

  • Discover and Poll with SNMPv3 privacy protocol AES192 and AES256
  • Create auto-topology based CDP/LLDP with privacy protocol AES192 and AES256

For this, the Topology Builder plugin is updated to version 6.3.

MySQL updated

Both MySQL Server and MySQL Database metric collector plugins are updated to version 2.3 and 2.5 respectively. Also, a successful discovery was run for Mysql version 8.0.21.

Note: This is supported by v7.6.4 and above.

Auto-ticket should be created with ServiceNow using RabbitMQ

A new plugin Rabbit MQ is introduced with version 1.0, which is integrated with NTT. RabbitMQ JMS will send alerts and auto-ticket will be generated on that basis. Also, all the available options for ticketing are provided and backend log generation is also supported.

Bug Fixes

  • When we select view type as Grid or Chart+Grid, the widget properties were getting reset to as the chart’s default widget property. Due to which the hide/show or any property related to the grid was not working, which is resolved now.
  • When downgrading the IIP licenses, the displayed error message was wrong. It is corrected from “Number of monitors should have more value than the previous license” to “Number of monitors should have less or equal value against purchase license”
  • If any credential profile was deleted assigned to any network discovery profile, then the network discovery profile was also getting deleted. This issue is resolved now and an error message “Selected credential profile cannot be deleted, as it’s in use” will be prompted if the user tries to delete.
  • Inbound filter entries were not getting displayed after the creation, which is resolved now with the addition of few entries in the table.
  • When adding any switch to a virtual terminal in NCM, the system prompts for credentials. If, in any case, the password included any special character, the NCM terminal was throwing an error. This is resolved now and the URI Query parameters are fixed.
  • An issue was observed where the jetty services of the system stopped suddenlyNow the issue is resolved and the jetty services are added to the watchdog list. This will prevent the services to stop and start them automatically in case of failure.
  • Juniper Switch symbol was not getting displayed correctly on UI, which is resolved now. For this, the Juniper Switch plugin is updated to version 8.2
  • An issue was observed where the timeline of the report and widget was showing wrong, which is resolved now and the logic of date-time is improved.
  • The Output of SSH Script Monitor was not displaying multiline and correct outputs for which the java library is updated. Also, for this, the SSH Script plugin is updated to version 1.8
  • An issue was observed where the Cisco Switch was not discoverable which is resolved now. For this, the SSH NCM plugin is updated to version 3.4
  • An issue was observed where on the deletion of department or user roles, users were getting deleted, which is resolved. Now, users are not allowed to delete departments and roles if there are other users using them.
  • An issue was observed where logs were not getting generated and messages were getting queued, which is resolved now. Changes are made and new parsers are added. Also, the Universal Log Parser plugin is updated to version 7.2.
  • As per observation, there was an issue while restarting the Motadata services of the master, which is resolved now.
  • An issue was observed while fetching the interface traffic of Centos 7.7, which is resolved now. For this, the Linux plugin is updated to version 8.5.
  • The viewing and fetching of interface statistics of IBM AIX were not working properly, which is corrected now. For this, the IBM AIX plugin is updated to version 8.1.
  • An Issue was observed, where the details of VMware ESXI was not showing in GUI when added by VMware ESX/ESXI Metric for monitor, which is resolved now. For this, the vmware-exsi plugin is updated to version 7.8.
  • When the devices were discovered by Windows SNMP and Linux SNMP, the RTT metric was not getting displayed. This is resolved now, where Windows SNMP and Linux SNMP parameters are added in plugin files. Also, the Windows SNMP and Linux SNMP are updated to version 8.2 and 8.0 respectively.
  • When Nginx Server or mongo database was discovered, an error was popping up, which is resolved now. For this, the jar files in the Nginx plugin is updated with version 2.3.
  • The system was throwing error Trap logs error after upgrading to the latest version, which is resolved now.
  • The metrics of RTT and packet loss were not displayed when discovered by Vmware Esx/Esxi, which is resolved now. For this, the vmware plugin is updated to version 7.9.
  • In the Linux discovered device, network parameters were not displaying, which is resolved now. For this, the Linux plugin is updated to version 8.5.
  • Disk I/O and service related information were not displaying for the IBM-AIX machine, which is resolved now. Service logic is added to python. For this, the IBM-AIX plugin is updated to 8.2.
  • Security Vulnerabilities are fixed which includes Content Security Policy, Few web Directories, HTML form without the CSRF protection, Cache-Control Parameter, Account Lockout Policy

Release Date: 8th September 2020

What’s New?

Improvement in Polling

Improvement is made in the polling mechanism in terms of performance. Major changes include:

  • The default timeout for SNMP Plugins is increased to 60seconds now.
  • The device will be marked faulty in the very first attempt of polling timeout.
  • If polling requests are in serving mode and the engine capacity of requests exceeds, then other polling requests will be parked in a Queue.
  • The parameter “bulk_interface_disable” is now set to “Yes” by default.

Bug Fixes

The issue was observed for the grid and widget column export mismatch, which is resolved and the export option for widget data works completely fine now.

Release Date: 20th August 2020

What’s New?

Search Functionality in NCM Device List

Improvement is made in the search functionality, where now for any of Logs, Traps, and Audits, the search will work for overall data and not only for the current page.

Disability of Home Screen for Specific User

If an admin is willing to hide the Home screen from a specific user, the option is added in User Role for configuring the same.

User will be able to configure the Source

A field – ‘Source’ is added while creating an action of trouble ticket from NMS to ITSM/ServiceOps to display the requirement in requests/tickets for which the Flotomate Trouble Ticket is updated to version 1.6 and ServiceOps Trouble Ticket is updated to 1.2.

Alert Notification for Slack Application

An alert action is added for Slack, which will notify about any message received over Slack. For this, a new Slack Alert plugin is added with version 1.0

Customized Email Alert

Customization in Email Alert action is added where the desired configuration of the subject line and content of the alert message is possible. Also, the fields such as monitor name and IP are added.

Improvement in the Report

Separate sorting options are incorporated for reports. Also, the Motadata logo will appear in the top corner of the report.

Support for No Duplication of Plugins while installing is added

A Flag for Allow Duplicate: No/Yes is added

Widget Creation Date is removed

The dashboard creation date which was visible on the top of the dashboard is removed

Search using IP Address

Logs and Trap can be searched using IP address

Filtration of Trap while forwarding

When a user is forwarding traps received from a third party device, it can be manipulated to which traps not to forward using outbound trap filtering. For this, the plugin SNMP Trap Action is updated to version 1.6

.Improvement in Password Management

Under the MBSS compliance, improvements are made for User/Password management policies.

Display of Windows temperature

While discovering windows devices, the temperature of the windows is also added now. It displays the current temperature of the Windows ServerFor this, a new plugin Windows Temperature is added with version 1.0. For pre-requisites details follow the ReadMe.txt file.

IPV6 support added for discovery

For a seamless experience, while discovering devices, IPV6 support is added. Now, SNMP and PING device/monitor which supports IPV6 can be discovered.

Widget and Report should show all Entries

The number of entries in Widget or Reports is increased from 10k to 100k for Logs, Traps, and Flows. The configuration is available under the Admin Section.

Bug Fixes

  • Data was not getting exported for the log widget to pdf or CSV files, which is resolved and export option for widget data works completely fine now.
  • When the report was exported, the data was getting misaligned if any specific column was hidden, which is resolved now.
  • When an interface was added in widget rules, the page was getting refreshed after updating and previewing, which is resolved now.
  • Duplicate entries were visible for the same configured tags which are resolved now.
  • The graph of CPU was showing almost over 100% and wrong data was getting exported, which is resolved now.
  • The command-line value was getting populated incorrectly which is resolved now and for that, the Windows Process Plugin is updated to version 7.8.
  • SLA requests were not getting synced with the H2 DB, which is solved now and two parameters have been added in the configuration file.
  • Engine ID was differing from the received device while forwarding the same SNMP v3 Trap to the client, which is resolved now.
  • If any process went down, it showed ‘Unknown’ instead of actual status in the monitor overview page, which is resolved. The display message now shows the actual status of Windows.
  • URL was not getting polled due to a missing configuration file, which is updated in the library, and the issue is resolved.
  • The connecting interfaces of both sides were UP in status, still, the link between the topology was showing unknown connections in the form of a black colored line, which is fixed now.
  • The interface details of the network were showing incorrect data on the home page, which is resolved now.
  • Engine ID generated for internal traps was dynamic for each trap sent. Now, a static engine ID has been provided in the global settings which will be used for all the traps generated by Motadata.
  • The status Interface Ethernet for one of the router was showing down and packet loss was also observed, which is resolved now and required metric collectors plugins are updated

Release Date: 9th July 2020

What’s New?

Auto Ticket should be created from NMS to ServiceOps

Motadata now supports ticket generation from 2 different platforms. A ticket can be generated from NMS to ServiceOps. For this the plugin for ServiceOps is updated to version 1.1.

NMS Integration with ICCC Dashboard

Devices Group Summary and status information will be seen on the ICCC Dashboard alongwith the Integration

Hostname should display in Trap

Support for import of host mappers in admin modules via CSV is added. This imported hostname will be reflected in trap grid widget in dashboard and reports

Trap Listener Configurable

Improvement in the trap listener profile, it will show which traps are configured. Also if no configuration is done even the audit log will show the entry

Improvement in Report Module and Export

Features like Export PDF and comment section is added now

Yellow/Amber Color showing for degraded condition

Amber/Yellow color will show the degraded condition of the devices in the topology

License Management Utility is improved

The license type is now shown as either annual or perpetual. If it is set as Perpetual, the end date will be automatically set to 20 years from the date of issue. Also, the listed NMS versions now include  7.5 and 7.6 also

Support for No Duplication of Plugins while installing is added

A checkbox/Flag for Allow Duplicate: No/Yes is added

Sophos XG Firewall data not visible on Interface

Sophos XG Firewall data was not showing on the interface. This issue is resolved now and new plugin Sophos Metric Collector is updated to version 1.1.

Numerical values replaced with Text for Status Data

Guage widgets now provides option to either change the background/text color or provides option to replace the value with a user readable text.

Improved Telnet NCM Collector

Improvement is made in name of the backup file of the Telnet NCM Collector. For that the Telnet NCM Collector Plugin is updated to version 2.6.

Improved Topology and its nodes

When a monitor is deleted all the information associated to it is removed. Also, none of the un-configured nodes will be visible if not included as seed IP

Password Functionality

The reset password token on email for each request is getting generated differently

Security Flag added

For the Web Application SCADL the secure flag is set now which helps in preventing view access of cookies to unauthorized parties

Addition of HTTP flag

HTTP flag added for all web applications to prevent view access of cookies to unauthorized parties

Linux Devices Discovery

Some of the packages including Paramiko Library and ISO has been updated for better discovery of all the Linux devices discovery

Improvement in Discovery parameters

Previously discovery was only checked and possible by Ping Availability. Now, a new parameter SNMP is added for the discovery of devices

.Improvement in the HA Logs

Audit logs for the HA Configuration are improved with details

Bug Fixes

  • Monitors with specific tags were not getting mapped with alerts, this is now resolved and monitors bind with different tags
  • Health Issue for RPE Servers and Data Store Process statistics was reported which is resolved now. A feature to add the system username and password in global settings menu is added.
  • Chart was not showing correct data if the Unit was changed to % format which is resolved and chart shows the data now
  • For Guage widget the name column was showing blank when exported, which is resolved and now the widget name would be displayed as blank in case of no data
  • Motadata servers under health monitoring were showing inaccurate information for Network In/Out and Traffic, which is resolved now
  • Data for System Name, Location and description metrics were not getting polled and displayed for Sophos Firewall Collector which is resolved now. And the plugin is updated to version 1.0
  • Data for the Widget Data Model was not showing, which is resolved.
  • Synchronization issue of Audit Table was observed in HA, which is resolved.
  • A mismatch in trap counts and sync issue between Master/Slave Click-house was observed, for which the trap logs are Improved. Now it shows the queue statistics as well as added logs for all forwarded traps.
  • Issue was observed where the logs were not getting forwarded using the Linux Agent. For this the Universal Log Parser Plugin is updated to version 6.6.
  • Issues were observed regarding the Flow Source IP not showing at Data Security, which is resolved now

Release Date: 1st June 2020

What’s New?

SSH Script Metric Collector Plugin Update

SSH script metric collector plugin updated to support Python 3.7. For this, SSH script plugin is updated to 1.6. Download the plugin here

Change in Ping Metric Collection Timeout

The ping metric collection timeout for ping devices was earlier set to 5 seconds. Some devices were giving late response i.e. after the timeout period. The timeout is now changed to 60 seconds for getting data. For this, Ping plugin is updated to 7.6. Download the plugin here.

Change in Monitor Status on Timeout

When a device doesn’t respond within the timeout period, the default device availability is now set as Down and status as Unreachable.

Option to Enable Manual Closure of Trouble Ticket

In trouble ticket, an ‘Auto Close On/Off option is available to set automatic or manual closure of tickets for the monitors that move into clear state. For this, Trouble Ticket plugin is updated to 1.5. Download the plugin here.

Support c3p0 for JDBC Connection

Motadata now supports c3p0 for JDBC connections. For this, Tomcat plugin is updated to 4.4. Download the plugin here.

Default Templates for Juniper Router

Motadata now provides default templates with widgets to visualize the data of Juniper routers. For this, Juniper Router plugin is updated to 7.6. Download the plugin here.

Disk Volume Mount Path of IBM AIX Disk Metrics

For IBM AIX Disk Metrics, you can now create a widget to view the Disk Volume Mount Path. For this, IBM AIX plugin is updated to 7.8. Download the plugin here.

Provision All Devices in Single Click

With the new ‘Provision All Objects’ button in Admin > Network Discovery Profile > Discovery Result you can provision all the network devices in one single click. Earlier, system required you to select the devices on each page to provision. This was time consuming and had a greater chances of duplication.

LDAP Sync Time Configuration

Now you can configure the LDAP sync time in Admin > Global Settings. Motadata will sync the application users periodically on the configured interval.

Tag details in REST API

Now, tag details are available in Live Monitors Default REST API’s

Number of password expiry days visible on GUI

Now, a widget has been added which shows the remaining number of days for the expiry of the password. For that the Linux Plugin has been updated to 8.1. Download the plugin here

Extreme Switch discovery support

Motadata now supports discovery of Extreme Switch in NCM using Telnet. For that the Telnet NCM Collector version 2.5 is available. Download the Plugin here

Improved Log Parser’s for Linux

For more simplification, log patterns of Error and Service Logs are improved. For that the Universal Parser Plugin has been updated to 6.6. Download the plugin here

Auto Ticket Created for Motadata ServiceOps

Motadata now supports ticket generation from 2 different platforms. A ticket can be generated from NMS to ServiceOps. In case of Status change or Ticket Closure, changes will be reflected on both sides. For that the ServiceOps Trouble Ticket plugin version 1.0 is available. Download the plugin here

NCM Audit logs were showing incorrect information

For simplification the display messages/statuses are changed

Selection option for all files is available now

For easier discovery process the selection of all fields in .csv is supported now. Also, CSV scheduler option is also added.

Trap for some processes is added in Motadata

Trap generations such as Backup/ restore, Service Status, clickhouse Services and HA services are added now.

DR Feature Implementation

DR feature support is now available in Motadata to overcome any disaster situation in production. For this the motadata-dr-backup-job plugin version 1.0 is available. Download the plugin here.

Report DB Archival

Addition of System Location, log selection and storage of backup selection is available now. For this the motadata-report-db-archival-job plugin version 1.3 is available. Download the plugin here.

Enhancement in Backup/Restore Feature

We do also have enhance our backup/restore feature for configuration and report DB.

Data Archival/Restore

Motadata provides a new feature of Data Archival and Restoration in system.

Configuration DB Backup

System Location Storage feature is now added while taking the backup. For this the Config DB Backup job plugin version 3.4 is available. Download the plugin here.

SNMP V3 Trap

User will now be able to send the SNMP v3 trap from the older existing traps. For this the snmp-trap-action-plugin version 1.5 is available. Download the plugin here.

Performance Improvement for Polling Functionality

Performance wise internal processes related to Polling are improved and updated. Download the Plugins here

Polling engine enhancement for SNMP type devices

Here we are dividing polling request of SNMP device types in healthy lane and faulty lane. Device which are getting polled in ideal time stays in healthy lane and devices which exceeds define ideal time two consecutive times moves to faulty lane. Thus polling of healthy device doesn’t hamper

Availability of Data-table

Now, we have data table available in backend to verify any error/timeout polled for any of device types

Bug Fixes

  • Polling was not giving output for the set metrics of 300 secs. The issue is resolved now and polling metrics gives result on the set duration.
  • In some cases, Motadata is failing to poll the monitors within default time range (300 seconds). It is affecting the overall performance of the system. The issue is resolved now
  • Node IP was not getting displayed for the SNMP Trap Action. This is resolved now.
  • Metric details were not reflecting for the Windows WMI Devices. This is resolved now and monitors show all the metric details.
  • All the interface alerts were getting cleared if any single alert was cleared from the alert stream. The issue is resolved now
  • An error “Failed to Discover” for configured VMware Exsi devices was appearing. This is resolved now and for that VMware Exsi Metric Collector plugin is updated to version 7.6. Download the plugin here.
  • Dashboard and widgets were showing correct information but when exported the report to pdf, it was showing incorrect data. This is resolved now.
  • Flow details were not visible to new users who were a part of same department group global. This is resolved now and all users can see the flow.
  • Windows process for Metric and Availability group were not getting polled. This issue is resolved now and for that Windows Process Plugin is updated to version 7.7. Download the plugin here
  • Some child processes for Linux were not discoverable and monitored. The issue is resolved now and for that the Linux Process Metric Collector Plugin is updated to version 3.9. Download the plugin here
  • Linux process Monitor templates are added with few KPI’s
  • Weblogic monitor was not getting discovered and provisioned. This issue is resolved now and for that Weblogic Plugin version is updated to version 3.4. Download the plugin here
  • RDS monitors were not getting polled properly and data was also not reflecting in Widgets. This issue is resolved now and for that the plugin is updated to version 7.5. Download the plugin here.
  • Scheduler Backup data was not getting received for all the NCM Devices. This issue is resolved now and for that NCM Device Backup Job Plugin version is updated to version 2.8. Download the plugin here.
  • Downtime was reflecting incorrectly in Top N/ Least N Report when exported to pdf.
  • CPU Utilization was showing 100% for some devices which is now fixed
  • Polling Issue was observed in IBM-AIX. The issue is resolved now and for that the IBM -AIX plugin is updated to version 7.8. Download the plugin here.
  • Newly created Departments were not visible to other admin users, which is resolved now.
  • Sorting was not working properly for some Interfaces, this issue is now resolved.
  • NCM devices were not getting discovered and backup in Motadata, the issue is now resolved.
  • Alert was not triggered after setting the flap count and instances were not getting bind.

Release Date: 13th Feb 2020Bug Fix[4023] System was displaying future date instead of the selected date in some of the modules.

  • Impact: No impact on existing operations.
  • Prerequisites: No hardware/software upgrade required from previous version.
  • Upgrade Compatibility: This upgrade is supported from version 7.3.400.

Release Date: 5th Feb 2020What’s New?Improvement in reachability compliance reportThe reachability calculations were earlier considering the exact poll time of devices in the asked time period. Now, the system averages the computation for given time frame by checking availability of device before first poll. Click here for details.Disable auto closing the ticket in ITSM when an alert is clearedWhile creating the ‘Trouble Ticket’ action, you can control what happens to a ticket when an alert is cleared in Motadata. By default the ticket gets closed but now you can use ‘Auto Close on/off’ to keep it open.Bug Fixes

  • In some cases, low memory alerts for windows disks were not getting generated. The issue is now resolved.
  • In alert stream, the old trap alerts were not getting cleared and system was showing both new and old alerts. The issue is now resolved and old alerts doesn’t appear anymore.
  • In some cases, Motadata was not sending ‘close ticket’ call to ITSM when RTT alerts move into clear state. A new plugin (Flotomate v1.4) is available with the fix.
  • The Y-axis scale in PDF output of graphical widgets was more than 100% in some cases. The widgets are now identified and the scale is restricted to 100%.
  • While creating a report scheduler, it was mandatory to select the Adhoc reports. A new plugin (Report Job v4.5) is available with the fix. It allows you to create a report job without selecting Adhoc reports.
  • Users (other than technicians) were unable to create widgets and weren’t able to understand the reason. A proper validation message is available that asks them to create a report before creating the widgets.
  • Minor bug fix in Report DB backup process. See procedure here.

Plugin Changes

Open Issues

  • In some cases, alerts related to disk volume in Windows server are not getting generated.
  • In some cases, Motadata is failing to poll the monitors within default time range (300 seconds). It is affecting the overall performance of the system.