At Motadata, we believe in relentlessly pursuing perfection. As such, there are constant updates to our software adding new features or squashing some pesky bugs and our aim is to ship them faster.

We have just shipped our latest and greatest version 6.6 and have some important changes to overhaul the solution in order to make the process more reliable, faster and stable.

The Motadata version 6.6 has a few major changes focused on improving overall usability and one of the biggest change of them is to have a different machine dedicated at polling of events.

We have now separated the tasks between monitoring and polling and have dedicated servers for each of these important functions.

Earlier on a single machine was responsible for polling the logs, displaying them and even processing this information which added a lot of load to the machine and affected performance of network monitoring.

A RPE (Remote Polling Engine) helps avoid multiple installations in case the client has several different networks at different geographical locations. Also, having a dedicated machine for this function makes sure the Master where Motadata is installed does not get all the processing load.

So what exactly is a RPE?

Remote polling Engine is a separate machine which works dedicatedly for polling of data from all the nodes in the network. It is the component that controls network polling.

The Polling engine uses active polling operations to gather data which is later used to trigger alerts if appropriate and can optionally be stored in the database for later analysis in the performance reports.

There are multiple benefits of having a separate RPE like:-

1. Backup for alerts –

In a case of a connectivity issue with the parent machine, the Motadata program can still run in the background and get alerts on the RPE.

This helps the monitoring task to have a backup for alerts while there is a downtime for whatever reason and then the alerts are transferred to the parent as soon as the connectivity issues are resolved.

The RPE thus has an additional advantage of making sure the systems are not completely down.

2. No Need for several installations of Motadata –

Version 6.5 needed separate Motadata installations at various geographical locations. With version 6.6, the RPEs can help avoid this need. All we need is a copy of Motadata installed on one machine at the main office and an RPE for every other location in most cases. This results in better resource allocation for the organisation.

3. Speed, Reliability and Better Performance –

With the server and RPE being two different devices, the scalability, reliability, and performance all have improved. A lot of bugs have been fixed and new functionalities have been added making Motadata even more reliable.

There are 2 major changes besides the addition of RPE which are

1. Device Location and
2. Dashboard Sharing

With device location it is actually possible to plot all the devices in the network on the map getting their exact latitude and longitude and manage them while with dashboard sharing, you can share a dashboard with either a single user or a group of users by creating a group.

Sharing dashboard can have multiple uses and the possibilities can be explored by our users according to their creativity. Besides the major changes there are more changes which can be seen here as an official changelog

Release Notes [Build 6.6.001]

1 ) While Click on Delete DashBoard Category Without Creating Any Category It Throws Error – Resolved.

Release Notes [Build 6.6.000]

Issues Fixed

1 ) Polling Issue Resolved.

– Removed Unhealthy/Suspended Monitors from Motadata Health Screen And also discontinue with this algorithm.
– Added Polling Issue Grid In Motadata Health Screen to Show Which Monitor is not getting polled properly and show reason of that.

2 ) Null Condition Check Added by using $null$ in pivot filter condition.

3 ) Ping Always Up Issue Resolved.

4 ) Metric Drill Down Parent Child Monitor Data Validity Issue Resolved.

5 ) While Restart Motadata From GUI License Usage Suddenly Increased Resolved.

6 ) Manage Widget Permission Issue Resolved.

7 ) While License is Expired Redis Not Getting Initialized Issue Resolved.

8 ) Interface Always Up Issue Resolved.

9 ) Schedule Report Export Issue Resolved.`


1 ) Added Group By Event Time. In All Grid Widget Type.

Our endeavour is to continuously provide excellent experience to our clients and in pursuit of this, we keep working relentlessly to improve Motadata both by internal testing and keeping in view the feedback received from our users.

We will keep you updated regularly about the changes in Motadata and how it adds more value for our clients.