When it comes to IT Services, their whole world revolves around offering technology solutions with support and management. For these companies, it has become important now, more than ever, to modernize their workspaces and make the shift with IT digitization to effectively manage complexities like maintenance, security, scalability and resilience.

While digital transformation may sound great in theory, in practice, it presents some unique concerns for businesses. Since technology is at the core of IT services, tracking and communicating can become demanding for the service providers if there isn’t a standardized way of handling issues.

What is IT service delivery?

IT service delivery quite literally means delivering IT services to customers. It fundamentally aligns IT with business to drive revenue, increase user satisfaction, and improve business reputation in growing organizations.

At the core, IT service delivery is how an organization offers IT services to its customers or users who cannot perform those services themselves. Organizations provide different types of IT services like business processes, applications, IT skills, and infrastructure services.

IT service delivery can be efficiently measured by metrics like service-level agreement, average resolution time, etc.

How a customer used ServiceOps to reduce service delivery time

Our client, an IT services company, was faced with several challenges in managing their IT services without an ITSM tool. The service requests would come through multiple channels, from across multiple departments.

This would usually cause communication to break down leading to service and departmental siloes. For the company to offer effective solutions and high-performance systems, they needed a good IT platform that would help them enable seamless employee experience and reduce inefficiencies in internal service delivery that impact business and cost.

Motadata ServiceOps is one such comprehensive ITSM platform that offers an easy-to-use modern interface, eliminates manual complexities, encourages self-service, and provides meaningful insights that improve the overall quality of IT services.

Motadata ServiceOps helps boost productivity and offers an exceptional user experience. The customer could streamline their service requests and cut service delivery time by more than 50% with the help of Motadata’s ITSM tool.

Automated Workflows for Procurement

Asset purchase of any kind at the client company used to be more like a bureaucratic process. It required a lot of emails going back and forth. Using our automated Multi-Level Approval Workflows and Purchase Management module, the client was able to customize workflows to systemize their approval process based on their business policies for all asset purchases.

Now all requesters would have to do, is just fill an asset requisition form. The asset would be purchased based on a given timeline or in case of a non-approval, the request would be returned with a valid reason.

Flexible Service Catalogue to go beyond IT

Since they were an IT services company, a lot of their projects required teams to travel frequently. As the travel request process was not standardized and automated, it was time-consuming and created a long loop between the team and administration.

With the adoption of our ITSM tool, traveling team members now used the Service Catalog to create a travel request. As multiple communications got fired on the creation of a request, the request was automatically assigned to a technician and approval was sought from the administrator using a workflow. Itineraries were created with minimum interference and maximum visibility and respective team leads were kept in the loop.

Self-service Adoption

Technology organizations are slowly but surely changing their strategy to be more people-centric and autonomous in order to deliver a great user experience.

The customer was also able to prioritize employee well-being and offer great customer and employee experience through our self-service portal which is powered by an intelligent Knowledge Base. This truly empowers users to find solutions for common issues themselves and reduce redundancy.

Comprehensive Asset Management

The customer’s IT and Non-IT assets were previously recorded and managed separately through Excel which caused a lot of data fragmentation.

With Motadata’s ITSM tool, they successfully implemented a CMDB that carried all types of asset information for 320+ hardware assets and 1200+ software licenses in a single portal.

The CMDB also helped in storing financial data with operational data for each physical asset. Technicians at the company were able to easily identify assets showing recurring problems by being able to link tickets with assets.

Contextual Service Desk

As a typical IT services company, the customer started off by using only a help desk for support. It captured tickets well but failed to capture context as there was no integration with their assets.

Once they made the switch to Motadata ServiceOps, the customer started resolving tickets faster through a contextual service desk which helped them with root cause analysis and supported collaboration between technicians. Within a few months, they saw tangible results with their SLA adherence going up to 98.31%.

Using intelligent and interactive reports and dashboards, technicians were able to easily track key metrics and the customer was evidently able to see what improvements an effective ITSM tool could bring about in its organization.

Noticing significant transformations in the first year of implementation, the client decided to continue automating their other processes and improve the overall efficiency of their organization and their customer & employee experience.

If you are looking to similarly transform your business operations and provide a seamless IT delivery, try Motadata ServiceOps for 30 days free of cost.