To gain information on network activities, log management tools plays a vital role. Log management software ensures that the untapped machine data & IT security data is extracted and converted into meaningful, actionable security information.

Log management tools are a pre-requisite for IT Professionals to keep the IT infrastructure safe & secured.

Data is near and dear to every organization and also to an individual. Data is the most important asset for any organization since there is a lot of intelligence buried under it.

The importance of stored data for any company is beyond what we can even imagine. When something so valuable is stored in the data centers, it becomes an attraction for the hackers who often look for the opportunities to find loopholes in the security system and take control of the data.

It is imperative to keep it safe from the hackers. Companies often use special coding techniques and firewalls to keep the data safe from outside attack. However, in the case of an inside job, the risk gets even bigger.

Big corporate companies often have a separate data analysis department to check internal issues with the help of log management software like Motadata. There are a number of different reasons for having Log Management tools.

We will discuss 5 top reasons why IT industries need Log monitoring tool:

Why IT Department Needs Log Management Tools for Log Monitoring?

1. Detect a possible brute force attack

The brute force attack is trial and error based attempt to crack in the system. The technology is evolving very quickly and the hackers often share information on the latest hacking techniques.

This creates a lot of problem for companies and they have to be aware of such attempts. The Log Management software can detect such patterns where real-time login attempts from single or multiple sources are made.

2. The inside threat detection

You cannot simply trust every single employee in your company. It may look a shocking reveal but around 30 percent of attacks and hacks happen from inside the organization around the world.

It is important for the organization to keep a similar level of security for insiders as well. The Log Management software can easily detect the anomaly in the usage pattern of the workers in the company.

In case some of using more resources than expected, the system can track the user within seconds and raise the alarm.

3. Check the defense for the application and OS

SQL injection, Buffer overflow, Cross-site scripting (XSS), and insecure direct object references are some of the examples of the attacks which are common these days.

Organizations often use different practices against these attacks such as Web Application Firewall (WAF) and secure coding practices.

If the organizations divert the WAF logs to the Log Management software, the source of the attack and attempt patterns can be checked and necessary measures can be taken in time.

4. The behavioral analysis of Log Source

Organizations often use lightweight SIEM agent software to check for the login attempts. If a hacker gains the access to a system, the first step he takes is to shut down the agent.

The organization can set the Log Manager to raise an alarm if such agent suddenly stops sending information to the Log Management software.

Also, the organizations can modify the alarm system inform about EPS (Unexpected Events Per Second). Some hacks do not shut down the agents but they route irrelevant data to Log Manager in bulk. Such events can be easily tracked with the software.

5. Detection of device failure

To keep any organization up and running, it is important to keep everything streamlined. The Log Manager can inform the admin about any malfunction in the devices attached to the system so that proper steps can be taken to restart the system as soon as possible.


The threats can origin from inside a company as well as from the outside. The log management or machine data analysis software helps a lot in tracking and neutralizing these threats. Motadata comes with a trial period of 30 days which are more than enough to evaluate and make up your mind about the product. So go ahead and Evaluate Motadata for 30-days — it is free!