Log Correlation Mechanism

Log correlation can be a powerful mechanism for security if you smartly correlate it across your existing infrastructure. It helps to reduce the downtime expenses when the organization is struggling to overcome powerful security attacks wherein multiple systems and services are compromised. The point of attack will be untraceable in the absence of centralized log system which correlates data from different sources.

Sometimes collected logs from different source points run into thousands within a short time. To assess and resolve them is impossible through human elements. To pinpoint and identify the location before the security breach, logs must have correlation rules in them. An effective correlated engine automates the generated logs for every event and notifies the analyst. Most of the significant security threats can be kept at bay through intelligent log files. And customized analytical architecture reduces deployments.

Imagine a situation where IT Personnel receives notifications of host unreachable from different servers without system filters will impede several services. Detection of intrusion is possible only if event and logs are correlated, giving a powerful tool in the hands of the Analyst necessary for making better decisions.

How a detailed analysis and swift detection helps

A detailed analysis of the event collected, indicating the severity of each event reduces time in addressing the right issue. The complex relationship of our data will make it difficult to uncover the root cause of the problem. A well-framed log management makes the task a lot easier for the administrator as it establishes an integrated view of the overlaps and findings in multi-system environments.

A successful detection of anomalies in the network calls for a systematic approach in the correlation of logs. Some of the important features of how log analysis can efficiently enable the business enterprises to set high standards in security are discussed below:

Log management to cater specific needs

Logs are recorded across different formats. In the absence of a log correlation tool, the static entry needs debugging before it can be put up in GUI (Graphical User Interface). One of the advantages associated with log correlation is the flexibility to identify the specific patterns to enable the data computation faster. Incoming logs may store highly confidential data hence masking or encryption becomes an important ingredient in log management. Extracting data to perform more refined tasks is possible only through an efficient log parsing pattern.

Redefine the logs to suit the system architecture

While analyzing complex log structure some of the correlated events can be made as standalone features to monitor for abnormalities constantly. There has to be a self-monitoring mechanism in place in a widespread architecture where several nodes across UI servers, client machines, web servers, mail server, application server and the likes are connected. Netflow logs, Intrusion Detection System (IDS), Network packets-inflows and outflows play a valuable role in reconstructing rules of the security.

A simplified analysis of data logs unlocks the hidden insights

Data breach investigations observed a significant rise in successful data breach processes in the last decade. The attacks were so challenging that even the detections were not discovered for a long time. A simplified statistical analysis of application logs, endpoint devices, and netflows detects the systems that are compromised and if such intrusions are still underway. Suspicious activity can be immediately identified before it may spread to various devices. These simplified analyses help the IT professionals to have a comprehensive view of the security threat that unlocks the hidden insights of a very complex IT infrastructure.

Forensic approach to the automated logs

The forensic analysis serves as a valuable guide to better understand system vulnerabilities and the method of attack. This will address the weakness in the network security system. The forensic approach helps to mitigate the problems and drill down everything, especially when national security, military operations are concerned.

Compliance support – A statutory requirement

Last but not the least, organizations maintaining confidential data must comply with the standards set by laws of the country. Merchants who take credit cards, companies that store consumer data, health organizations, financial institutions, stock markets and insurance companies must ensure sufficient safety and protection against the potential vulnerabilities.

Log correlation is the first step towards IT safe environment and the compliance laws will only make the infrastructure secure in the midst of the known security breaches around the globe. One of the widely acknowledged statutory compliances is Industry accepting Digital payments required to comply with PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security and Standards).

Log management engines that are available in the market are worth considering that provide you with many integrated features such as a dashboard display and a smart visualization of every connected system. These engines offer real-time alerts to the main data centers that help IT Security team respond to potential threats as they come, and dismiss them at the very beginning to reduce the system outage.

Key Takeaways

Logs play a crucial role in threat detection and as efficient log management which is the need of the hour and the experts believe that log correlation is a powerful tool in encountering security threats and also in aiding IT professionals to be prepared for such adverse situation, as it may anytime call upon.

The bottom line is the correlation of logs and periodic assessment is indispensable to any organization – be it small or large to sequence the attacks as they come to frame better firewalls and policies than those who are not.

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