Just as much as nutrition is important for your body to function properly, similarly IT monitoring is vital for your IT. By having a good balanced diet (IT monitoring) you can maintain a healthy weight (IT infrastructure), reduce body fat (reduce downtime), feel energised that will make you feel better.

Both balanced diet and IT monitoring have been proven to be crucial by many scientific studies &  analyst research reports respectively.

By having good nutrition (good network monitoring software) it has been proven that you are less likely to develop many of the diseases (IT malfunctions, downtime etc.) that organizations across the world face.

Does it matter if you monitor your infrastructure?

Very simply put – we know how beneficial balanced diet is, yet we indulge in junk food & unhealthy lifestyle. Likewise, IT monitoring is the much-needed nutrient for your IT.

You might realise its importance once something goes wrong, but then it’ll be too late.

For example – You do your job on the go, let’s say on a train. In doing so you dedicate all your energy to your work, leaving none to observe any events going on around you.

Many vendors pass by asking if you wish to eat, offering variety of snacks. Now you’ve missed your breakfast and its lunch time already.

Also, with menu designer you can do menu creation for your lunch and breakfast. You’ve to catch a meeting right after the train journey. So, you end up buying a quick snack, but in the meantime, something goes wrong related to your work.

Just because you had your eyes off your laptop for some minutes. Missing any events caused you to waste time chasing a resolution you shouldn’t have needed for an issue you shouldn’t have had.

Does this sound familiar? Well, that was just a couple of events and a missed meal.

Prevention is better than cure

Whenever things are working fine, network monitoring is not a priority. But if any of your IT services get compromised due to an IT performance degradation or network failure, then, all of a sudden, network monitoring matters.

Senior IT managers need to understand – the cause of the problem, and CXOs are concerned about problem resolution. Instead of so many issues, there are siloed network monitoring software’s stitched together that does not give timely answers to the recurring problems.

In fact, many it professional don’t know where to begin when initiating their IT monitoring strategy with / without a network monitoring software.

Roughly 25% of  Gartner client inquiries regarding IT monitoring over the last year were related to implementing IT monitoring strategy.

Your organization’s revenue – & ultimately the survival – relies on your backbone i.e. IT network, that generate trillions of metrics.

As a network administrator, your task is not just to keep an eye on those metrics but it is to add value to your organization, or to provide a smooth IT services to your end-customers, or to get the orders out of the warehouse on time, or to make sure supplies reach the right place for which you rely on your IT systems.

Let us say your job is to actually keep tabs on those metrics, in that scenario you must do that accurately and reliably with the least efforts & time, so you can apply your expertise into something more productive, valuable, enjoyable, and a lot more interesting task. In any case, you need a network monitoring software.

Network Monitoring Software to the rescue

IT monitoring is just like a collection of purpose-built tools designed to interact with one another including storage, network devices, cloud, virtualization, etc.

Gartner predicts that by 2021, 60% of network monitoring investments will include a focus on business-relevant metrics, up from less than 20% in 2017.   So, you need the best tool available, to focus on metrics that can impact your customers.

That one solution which will detect all of IT elements in your tech stack, automatically collect metrics that matter the most, apply network monitoring best-practices, implement OOB alerts, and actionable insights in real time.

You must have a network monitoring software that can scale automatically as and when your IT environment expands.

Motadata’s Network Monitoring Software can help you do just that. It is a vendor agnostic solution that provides intelligent network topology maps, automatically discovers network elements and can help you troubleshoot network issues quickly.

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