Incident and Problem Management are two very different issues in IT service management that are unfortunately often used interchangeably. On the surface, it might just seem like a matter of terminology. But, what if you get to know that one is a small hiccup and the other could dent your entire quarterly or annual results?

It is crucial to understand the difference because the same incidents could continuously keep on reappearing without having a permanent fix. When companies do not comprehend this difference, they are not able to utilize the processes distinctively because they do not know how and they might not have the right tools for it. This could not only result in using up a chunk of the support’s time but also affect continual service improvement (CSI) adversely.

Recognizing the key differences between Incident and Problem Management can give you clarity as a business operator or technology vendor, that will help you focus on the right solution architecture and efficient resource allocation.

To understand the difference, the first understanding of each process is necessary.