When running a business, the most crucial aspect for any entrepreneur or organization is to provide an exceptional customer experience (CX) and grow the business efficiently.

Not only designing the best product or services but also a lot of things that an organization needs to take care of for delivering quality CX.

In today’s digital world, customer retention is as necessary as customer acquisition, and organizations are working towards this path. According to Salesforce, around 80% of customers feel that CX is the key differentiator when choosing one brand over another.

As customer expectations are increasing daily, businesses must focus on improving customer experience.

A recent study by Gartner reveals that 66% of marketers believe that CX is the battleground for the future. But luckily, intelligent Automation can help you in improving customer experience.

By integrating AI-driven IT service management platform, businesses can efficiently introduce intelligent Automation that will help boost the customer experience.

So, whether you want to reduce customer support costs or streamline service delivery, intelligent Automation helps the organization simplify and scale business processes.

Definition – Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation (IA), also known as cognitive Automation, is a process that merges artificial intelligence with business management to streamline operations and make faster decisions within the organization.

The main goal of intelligent Automation is to improve the overall efficiency of the business by automating manual and repetitive tasks and speeding up the overall business process. By doing so, it allows the organization to focus on the essential functions, thus providing better opportunities for the existing workforce.

How to Simplify Customer Service Experience using Intelligent Automation?

Intelligent Automation is not only responsible for improving customer experience, but there is a list of things that positively impact any organization.

Whether it be a speedy decision-making process, high accuracy, or the speedy resolution of customer problems, IA is highly beneficial for any organization that wants to deliver an excellent customer service experience.

  • Quick Responses: Being a customer or client, getting fast and quality responses is the best thing you need in terms of support from any organization. By integrating AI-enabled ITSM service desk software, organizations can reduce the Mean time to resolution (MTTR) so that technicians will provide fast and quality responses. This is a long-term solution for any organization to deliver an excellent customer experience.
  • Automating Manual & Repetitive Tasks: Leverage service desk automation to create multi-level workflows and integrate third-party applications to convert your time-consuming tasks into an opportunity to improve customer experience.
  • AI-Powered Chatbots/Virtual Agents: According to a survey conducted by MasterCard, around 70% of consumers use chatbots and voice assistants, which shows the demand for AI-powered chatbots and virtual agents. Customers love instant responses, and chatbots/virtual agents can deliver 24×7 support to end-users. The ITSM platform comes with NLP-powered virtual agents that will help in providing 24×7 personalized support and deflect requests for known problems. In addition, you can align it with your knowledge base to provide a more customized experience to customers. In this way, you can save plenty of time for technicians, and they’re able to focus on other crucial work.

Embrace Intelligent Automation to Provide Excellent Customer Experience with Motadata’s ITSM Tool

Get rid of manual or repetitive tasks by integrating intelligence into your business operation with Motadata’s unified and PinkVERIFY Certified platform.

With intelligent Automation, self-service/virtual agent, service desk automation, and SLA management, our one-stop IT service management solution provides you with all the ingredients to deliver a great customer experience.

So, integrate Motadata’s ServiceOps platform today and offer exceptional support to end-users.

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Intelligent Automation is a necessity for any organization operating in the current world. From improving business ROI to providing faster ticket resolution, Intelligent Automation drives meaningful engagement for your organization that ultimately enhances customer experience.

Before implementing intelligence automation for companies, ensure that you interact with your clients/customers, identify your current end-to-end processes, and reinvent the whole process with new goals.


The main difference between RPA and intelligent Automation is that RPA is a component of Intelligent automation (IA). It helps in automating tedious and repetitive tasks. In contrast, intelligent Automation uses technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Automation, Machine Learning (ML), and NLP to help automate the complex business process.

Here are some of the most crucial benefits of Intelligent Automation:

  • It helps in increasing process efficiency
  • It helps in improving CX
  • It helps in optimizing employee’s productivity
  • It offers you enhanced monitoring opportunities
  • It will help to reduce operating costs and increase ROI

Service Desk Automation is also known as IT service desk automation, which helps streamline time-consuming and repetitive tasks with intelligent workflow automation.