Analyze Windows System Event Logs

Performance is one of the most important KPI of any application or system. Objective is to track the performance of windows & applications in details. Windows system event logs have all sorts of information and how this information can be leveraged to derive an intelligence and thus leading to optimized performance of Windows OS.

With the help of Motadata agent (which is lightweight and low footprint), Motadata will receive each and every event which is generated in Microsoft Windows OS (Server 2008, 2008 R2, Server 2012, Windows 7, Windows 10 etc.) and its system applications (i.e. MS SQL, IIS, Active directory, DHCP, DNS, etc.). With the help of an intelligent windows event log parser, Motadata will extract raw data and will convert into meaningful columns including raw event messages and a custom dashboard which can include event ID, User, Source IPs, Message and Reason, log-in, log-out etc.. Not only that, you can automate notifications to get notified on critical events on AD (Active Directory) such as

  • Alert me whenever Active Directory user is modified

  • Alert me whenever my CPU utilization reaches 90%

  • Alert me whenever an unauthorized access takes place

  • Alert me whenever DDos attack happens on my Active Directory.

What are the benefits of Windows System event logs?

  • Increased security & awareness of Windows infrastructure with metrics and log data

  • Fast detection of potential attacks on AD (Active Directory)

  • Analyse and retain critical logs of Microsoft applications e.g. AD, IIS, MS SQL, Windows Server 2012 etc.

  • Meet audit & regulatory compliance with scalable and flexible log processing capabilities

What you need to do in Motadata?

It is best to try out before making a purchase decision. We provide 30-day free trial which will help you evaluate Motadata in your environment for your business and technical needs. Motadata comes with more than 100 apps for collecting and processing log data, and extensive libraries of reports and filters, as well as intelligent Correlation Rules.