For the Telecom Industry

Balance performance agility and be always-ready for customer expectations.

Foster Flexible and Agile Ways of Managing and Monitoring the Telecom Environment to Cope with an Unstable, Uncertain, Complicated, and Ambivalent Environment.

Business Challenges of Telecom Industry

As Demand for Telecom is Increasing, the Telcos are Operating with Poor Customer service, Data Breaches, Demand Upsurge, Technological Changes, and Complex Internal Operations.


of telecom operators

have Witnessed a Positive Growth by Incorporating AI in Managing their Daily Operations.

Motadata offers an ITOps solution that allows telecom operators to meet the challenges of their changing environment.  

Motadata AIOps Solution for Telecom

A Unified Solution for Telecom to Streamline Internal Processes and Maximize User Experience from a Single Platform.

Handle Service Request Queue with Automation

  • Telcos are customer-centric and as such, they prioritize customers. They know that long waits or support can lead to customers switching to another carrier, so it is why they believe in customer service first.
  • Our Motadata ServiceOps software includes a Virtual Agent that can solve common troubleshooting issues.
  • It has incident management to manage incoming tickets with AI-powered ticket routing to decrease the wait time and allow telecom players to improve their customer experience.

Detect Vulnerabilities when it Matters

  • Telecoms are rather vulnerable to the effects of anomalies, such as identity theft, data breach, or fraudulent transactions. Motadata AIOps handles such defects for Telecom.
  • Its AI model is trained on big data, and patterns derived by these algorithms can detect anomalies. The detected anomalies can be prioritized accordingly to create a no panic situation.

Untangle with Intelligent Automation

  • The telecom industry is suffering from ever-increasing complexity in its operations. Motadata AIOps offers a solution that can easen up the complex operations.
  • With Motadata AIOps, telecom players can better manage their internal operations by automating critical activities like application performance monitoring, alerts and incident ticket creation, and correlation for RCA.

Robust SLA Management

  • In telecom, it is essential to achieve 100% visibility on SLA performance to serve customers on time. Motadata helps telecom companies in minimizing downtime for their customers as well as their deployments.
  • IT teams will be able to detect process bottlenecks and increase infrastructure capabilities using in-depth information through proactive alerts and notifications and periodic reports.

Advantages For Telecom Industry

Motadata enables telecom players to manage day-to-day operations, while ensuring a high end-user experience.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience

    Interactive dashboard to analyze collected data to offer outstanding services with ServiceOps.

  • Accurate RCA

    Monitor all the upcoming data in real-time through an AI-operated solution that turns data into accurate insights.

  • Derive Actionable Insights

    Get intelligent operations by using digital transformation to optimize productivity, enhance operational performance, and manage operational risks.


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