For the Healthcare Industry

Create Better Processes to Provide Better Healthcare

Redefine and Elevate the Patient Experience with ITIL Processes.

Business Challenge in the Healthcare Segment

Healthcare is one of the most Responsive Industries that are directly Connected to People Emotionally, Mentally, Physically, and Financially. The Impact of Pandemic Situation on Healthcare Requires Immediate Attention to Address the Challenges they Bring, such as the Shortage of Healthcare Professionals, the Pressure of Providing Better Patient Experience, Cybersecurity, Telehealth, and Digitalization.


of Large Healthcare Organizations

Think that Adoption of AI and Automation Strategy will Streamline their Internal Processes.

Implementing the right solutions can help healthcare providers in conquering the challenges they face while offering their services. Using artificial intelligence and other value-added platforms can ease the hospitalization procedure for both the patient and healthcare providers.

Motadata AIOps Solution for Healthcare

Create a Patient Oriented Healthcare Environment with Motadata AIOps

Enhance Service Quality with Automation

  • Implementing intelligent solutions can significantly reduce the time it takes to admit patients and retrieve historical patient data. Motadata AIOps’s service automation offers dedicated workflows in the form of service catalog items that healthcare operators can use to expedite processes like billing.
  • The implementation of AIOps makes processes seamless, improving patient satisfaction
  • Health practitioners can access the required patient data whenever they need it, by generating tickets managed by our incident management module.

Ensure Compliance with AIOps

  • Healthcare operators need interoperability of data to meet regulatory requirements like HITECH and HIPAA. Motadata AIOps generates a real-time insight into machine data.
  • The solution is beneficial for healthcare operators as it enables them to analyze, visualize and monitor machine data from any source.
  • With real-time insights into SLAs, infrastructure performance, and user access to electronic protect healthcare information (ePHI), healthcare operators can improve their processes, and plan and prepare capacity in advance.

Effectively Manage Clinical Assets

  • Digitization of healthcare means, their operations consist of diverse types of clinical devices, which becomes difficult to manage without proper asset management.
  • With Motadata ServiceOps Asset Manager, embrace a methodical approach to asset management by keeping records on date of acquisition, warranty, cost, contract details, etc.
  • Healthcare operators can build a robust CI database of all hardware and software clinical assets, which they can leverage for maintenance activities.

Support Tele Healthcare

  • Remote health care via mobile applications is the new reality for the industry. To ensure smooth operations, operators need a solution that can handle common requests like a reset of password requests, medicine tracking requests, etc.
  • Motadata ServiceOps offers an NLP-powered virtual agent that can handle such common requests by leveraging a knowledge base, with custom logic to redirect to a real agent in case of a complex issue.

Advantages For Healthcare

Motadata can help in solving all the healthcare challenges with its efficient solutions for the healthcare industry.

  • Enhanced Patient Experience

    Monitor KPIs related to the wait time of patients to avail services to ensure the best experience.

  • Improved Operational Efficiency

    Avoid potential SLA breaches using performance monitoring.

  • Simplified Data Analysis

    Collate data from a variety of sources for compliance.


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