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An AI-Powered Solution to Streamline Enterprise Operations

A Proactive Approach to Resolve any kind of Breaches, Malfunctions, or Fault that Occurs within the IT Enterprise Environment.

Business Challenges in Enterprises

Enterprises face challenges like tackling emerging architectures like hybrid infrastructure, making their internal services user-friendly, promoting better collaboration, and collecting data from fragmented services for decision-making.



of enterprises

are Actively Using AI-powered Solutions to Streamline their IT Operations, including Departments Outside IT like Sales and Marketing.

Motadata offers an ITOps solution, with intelligent automation, to allow enterprises to adopt changes across People, Processes, and Technology.

Motadata AIOps Solution for Enterprises

Apply AI in your Daily Internal Operations.

Improving Efficiency

  • Most modern enterprises rely on hybrid IT infrastructure to manage their daily operations which might be difficult to manage. Motadata AIOps offers application performance monitoring and AI-powered event correlated that collects data from a variety of sources, including cloud and on-premises infrastructure.
  • Motadata AIOps offers powerful insight that the organizations can use for better decision making and resolve the potential failures.

Self Service

  • Departments in an enterprise work in silos without a centralized place to avail services. Motadata ServiceOps offers a service catalog where each department can create service items with its workflows.
  • Apart from the catalog feature, the solution has a Virtual Agent to intercept known issues using NLP and offer solutions from the KB.

Excellent Customer Experience

  • Every touchpoint of an enterprise should provide a smooth experience to the end customer. ServiceOps powered by Motadata helps enterprises achieve that.
  • Motadata ServiceOps offers strategic advantages through its intelligent automation to manage incoming tickets from a variety of mediums and reports to anticipating consumer needs from historical data.

Advantages For Enterprises

The core benefit of adopting Motadata’s AIOps solution is that it provides enterprises momentum and agility in order to offer the best end-user experience.

  • Faster Service Request

    Motadata offers a platform that processes faster service requests using workflow automation.

  • Service Catalog

    Build an e-commerce style service catalog for employees so that they can avail services across departments.

  • Increased Uptime

    Ensure availability of critical business applications using proactive monitoring.


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