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Elevate IT Infrastructure to Enhance Student Experience

Connect all your Campus-wide Service Management and IT Operations with a Single Platform and Deliver a Seamless Experience to Students, Faculty Members, and Staff.

Business Challenge in the Education Industry

Schools and Colleges Face Several IT challenges to Support their Ongoing Efforts to Support Distance Learning. They must Keep their Systems Updated and Maintain a Hybrid Infrastructure to Handle Huge Amounts of Data and Staff. On top of that, IT Services are Availed by Tens of Thousands of People on the Campus.


of IT teams

at Campuses Provide Remote Services to Distance Learners via a Service Desk.

Motadata ServiceOps allows education institutes to give the best experience to both service consumers and providers.

Motadata AIOps Solution for Education

Manage IT Operations Smartly with Motadata AIOps

Keep your Services Open 24×7

  • Automate the resolution of common requests like a reset of email account password, request access to online course material, software license renewal, etc. using our virtual agent, which is powered by NLP.
  • When an end-user opens the self-service portal and asks the virtual agent a question, it first tries to understand the context of the query and tries to find a relevant solution from the knowledge base; if not found, it either redirects to a human agent or automatically creates a ticket for the requester.

E-commerce Style Service Catalog

  • Create a service catalog containing common services like new laptop request, new software licenses, purchase of a research paper, etc. on the self-service portal.
  • Each service will have its own custom form and workflows. Students, faculty members, and staff will have a familiar experience of ordering things online instead here they are requesting services from the self-service portal.

Streamline Purchase of New Assets

  • Whether you are purchasing software for your students or workstations for your faculty, you can easily streamline the process with our purchase management module.
  • Our inbuilt purchase life-cycle tracker will help your IT department stay on top of shipments and payments.

Map CI Data with Service Requests

  • Service requests like the repair of a laptop can be mapped with the actual asset, allowing a technician to remotely diagnose it.
  • A technician can schedule auto-discovery of all assets, which includes moving assets via an agent, and import information non-IT assets using a CSV file.

Centrally Manage On-prem and Cloud Infra

  • It doesn’t matter whether your internal applications are hosted on the cloud or on-premises, Motadata monitors everything and everywhere.
  • With Motadata infrastructure monitoring, get intelligent observability, and automated discovery of cloud services, VMs, containers, networks, devices, logs, events, and much more.
  • Leverage deterministic AI to discover the impact of impending issues that might disrupt the experience of students, faculty members, and staff.

Thwarts Attacks on your Infrastructure

  • Safeguard your endpoints, even mobile devices, with our patch management solution.
  • Automate testing and deployment of critical patches and blacklist unwanted patches.
  • Our agent application supports both Windows and Linux operating systems.

Advantages For Education Institutes

Education institutes are operating in a new normal where distance learning has taken new precedence. Delivering a seamless experience coupled with the right services has become a matter of competitive edge.

  • Time Saving Automation

    Automate routine tasks like ticket assignments so technicians can focus on more pressing issues.

  • Service Anytime

    Allow students and faculty members to avail campus services from the comfort of their smartphones.

  • Power of AIOps

    Derive insights from metric, log, and network traffic data for operational efficiency and accelerate digital transformation.


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