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Deliver Seamless, Secure, and Audit-Ready Services

Standardize and Automate IT Operations in your Financial Organization to Amplify Enterprise Efficiencies.

Business Challenges in the BFSI Segment

In an Increasingly Competitive Business Environment, Financial Institutes have to Deal with a Myriad of Challenges from Digital Technologies and Mergers & Acquisitions to Cybersecurity Threats and Cyberattacks. These Difficulties have been Exacerbated by Several Factors, Including a Significant Increase in Regulatory Requirements, Heightened Competition, and Increased Consumer Expectations.


of bank operations leaders

Say Customer Experience is Their Top Strategic Priority.

Motadata’s ITOps solutions enable BFSI organizations to offer seamless, secure, and audit-ready services to enhance their customer experience.


Motadata AIOps Solution for BFSI

Gain Competitive Edge with Motadata AIOps Platform

Deliver a Seamless Customer Experience

  • Provide an exceptional customer service experience by enabling customers to avail services without any hiccups.
  • Resolve incidents as quickly as possible with a responsive and efficient Incident Management system supported by automated ticket assignment.
  • Define SLAs based on priorities, automate escalations rules, and communicate with key stakeholders using multi-level workflows.
  • Empower customers to find resolutions to common issues through a knowledge base consisting of FAQs, articles, and other informative material.

Ensure Compliance and Control with IT Asset Management

  • Maintain a central repository of all assets throughout their life-cycles with IT asset management.
  • Ensure compliance by detecting unused, overused, underused, or blacklisted software with software license management supported by software metering.
  • Manage all IT and non-IT asset purchases and contracts using purchase and contract management.
  • Log incidents and problems for assets, map out dependencies, and identify systemic issues.

Decrease Operational Disruptions and Minimize Risks with Change Management

  • Mitigate associated risks and easily plan, track, and execute organization-wide changes with the change management process.
  • Automatically alert users about the unavailability of particular services using automation powered by multi-level workflows.
  • Automate and manage approvals from key stakeholders at each stage of the change process through approval workflows.

Acquire Required Intelligence to Prevent Issues from Occurring in the First Place with AIOps

  • The AIOps platform assists IT teams in resolving complex IT issues, such as performance, capacity, and configuration difficulties, before they have a negative impact on the business.
  • The financial services business is one of the most heavily regulated businesses. AIOps can assist with the processing of huge amounts of data for compliance reporting.
  • It helps compare this data to enterprise or regulatory standards in order to discover anomalies and take corrective action. The AI/ML models can also be trained to detect compliance gaps in and instantly alert users to take action.

Advantages for BFSI

Motadata AIOps can streamline IT operations for BFSI companies plagued by uncertain economic conditions, tight regulations, and changed investor demographics.

  • Codeless Customizations

    Easily customize forms, workflows, rules, etc. using drag-and-drop features. No coding required.

  • Service Catalog

    Build an e-commerce style service catalog for users to avail financial services.

  • Increased Uptime

    Leverage proactive monitoring to ensure perpetual availability of business critical applications.


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