Remote Monitoring

Safeguard critical assets such as switches, CPUs, servers, and routers by monitoring them and building reliable and consistent environmental conditions. Achieve higher ROIs by automating mundane operations and saving time and effort with Motadata AIOps.

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What is Remote Monitoring?

Remote Monitoring, widely known as RMON, is a standard identification that facilitates monitoring network operational activities with the help of remote devices, aka monitors/probes. Remote Monitoring assists the network administrators (NA) with coherent network infrastructure control and management.

RMON was initially designed to address the problems of remote sites and local area network segment management from a centralized platform. The standard RMON focuses on a group of functions and metrics which can be exchanged between RMON compatible network monitors and console managers.

Remote Monitoring uses network devices such as servers and contains network management applications that can be treated as clients. It manages the network by using the servers and applications simultaneously. Whenever the data is transmitted, RMON enables the packet status viewing and provides information of the packet if it is blocked, terminated, or lost.

There are widely two RMON versions available in the market. RMON1 and RMON2.

  • RMON1: Version one outlines ten MIB (Management Information Base) groups for standard network monitoring. MIB groups are accessible in the most advanced network hardware.
  • RMON2: Version two focuses on the higher traffic layers, existing above Medium Access Control (MAC) layer, Internet Protocol (IP), and application-level traffic. It enables the Network Management Application to track all the network layer packets.

What is RMM?

Remote Monitoring and Management, a segment of the software, is very important for the Managed Service Providers (MSP) and IT professionals. It saves time and money and streamlines all IT services with a unified solution.

AIOps by Motadata is an advanced monitoring tool designed with AI and ML abilities. It comes with RMM facilities. Managing network, alerting the IT support in case of potential crisis, and resolving the system failures, everything under the unified platform, with ease.

MSPs cannot operate without RMM facilities. A powerful RMM, such as Motadata AIOps, can reduce the overheads and help grow more business with more reliable services at a lower price.

Benefits of Adopting Remote Monitoring Solution

1. Better Asset Protection:

By practicing Remote Monitoring, critical assets such as CPUs, Servers, Switches, and Routers can be safeguarded. Remote monitoring makes it easy to monitor reliably and consistently the environmental conditions and health of equipment.

When on-site monitoring comes with its own limitations and restrictions, remote monitoring can be helpful for night shifts where managing an entire staff can be challenging. With more complex and expanded infrastructure, remote monitoring with scalability and centralized remote visibility add on the benefits.

2. Reducing Operating Costs:

Cloud-based remote monitoring helps organizations leverage their asset productivity with rich, actionable insights. In addition, the monitoring and controlling abilities, that too remotely, make organizations require lesser on-premise personnel, saving an operational cost.

3. Audit Compliances:

The requirements of regulatory, accreditations, and certification bodies make it compulsory to have consistent monitoring of infrastructure and equipment. The constant remote monitoring and cloud logs help organizations achieve regulatory requirements and audit compliances.

Furthermore, the monitored data reduces the chances of failure of meeting compliances. The documented monitoring data shows the live consistency and can be used to meet the SLAs.

4. Enhanced Product Quality:

When the companies are product-based companies, the quality of products drives their business, making quality the most crucial part of the company. In addition, businesses need to make sure their products are uncontaminated and efficacious throughout the manufacturing process to reach the end-users. In such cases, monitoring the products remotely until they reach the consumer can assure quality.

5. Higher ROIs

A Remote Monitoring solution, Motadata AIOps can save a lot of money to your organization. As Motadata AIOps runs with minimal human intervention, there is no possibility of human errors, thus, it prevents loss of assets, and the IT teams can focus on other critical tasks that matter the most.

In addition, the automation and long-term savings offered by remote monitoring solutions help organizations achieve higher ROIs.

Remote Monitoring with Motadata AIOps

It is no magic how beneficial it is to adopt the practice of remote monitoring into your organization. AIOps, powered by Motadata is a unified monitoring solution designed with AI and ML abilities on Deep Learning Framework.

Remote monitoring gets crucial as various premises can be located at multiple locations, and AIOps just do fine with monitoring your premises, either on-premise, cloud, or hybrid. It forecasts the potential issues and prevents your organization from failing inevitable operations. So adopt Motadata AIOps today and monitor anything and everything, whether under one roof or remote.