Mindarray Systems, the innovators in Network Monitoring and Data Analytics technologies, today unveiled the next-generation IT operation analytics platform that derives business insights from physical, virtual and hosted devices as well as security management systems across the enterprises. Real-time processing, correlation of events across the stack and smart visualization of data gathered from multiple devices, servers, applications and even machine data from NOC and SOC help ops team to get to the root cause quickly and accurately.

With this latest release, Motadata now offers the most advanced, picture-perfect solution required to assuredly manage all the challenges of increasingly complex IT infrastructure and business operations with a single platform to correlate all the events, i.e. metric, flow and log events and convert them into actionable insights. Motadata allows smooth integration with any 3rd party application for sending/receiving data.

“Today, the IT ops team has to use multiple products for network monitoring, log analysis and flow analysis. With multiple monitoring systems working in silos, one major issue IT operation team faces is finding the right context and pinpointing the root cause of the problem accurately in the nick of time,” said Amit Shingala, CEO, Motadata. “With Motadata, we bring a single platform which correlates events across all the layers of the infrastructure and shows it in state of the art visualization methods to derive actionable insights in no time.”

  • One platform for monitoring all events across the infrastructure with unified dashboards to visualize key metrics for high availability, performance and security of the infrastructure.
  • Analytics platform specially designed to meet speed with scale and context by processing 1+ billion events in less than 10 seconds on a single server.
  • Log management across all devices, servers, applications and machine data to find actionable insights on security and other aspects.
  • Plugin based architecture which supports not only the existing infrastructure components but is also ready for any future components as well. The plug-n-play architecture enhances speed with quick app manager installation, processing and analytics.
  • Lower TCO and data retention for longer periods without any constraints are some of the offerings of Motadata.
    Single Dashboard for all metrics, i.e. CPU, memory and storage to name a few with comprehensive root cause analysis for all the performance bottlenecks. Flexibility and report customizations increase the speed and usability of the platform.
  • Swift Notifications for critical events using contextual alerts provide intuitive correlation across IT monitoring and log data and assist in pinpointing all the network bottlenecks and security threats before they become a business problem.

Motadata, the next-generation IT analytics platform loaded with all the exhaustive features is available for a FREE TRIAL. Download Motadata from

Founded in year 2010, Mindarray Systems has been an innovator in Network Monitoring and Data Analytics Technologies. With proven deployments across the globe, our customers and partners have accelerated their IT infrastructure performances using our products. We have strong foothold in IT monitoring, Devops, Log management, Security and compliance industry. We believe in unleashing the true potential of IT infrastructure by providing innovating solutions for management, monitoring and reporting. Join our most confident userbase by trying out Motadata for free:

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