Oracle Database Monitoring

Proactively monitor oracle database, identify performance issues, and notify the network administrators to resolve the same. Avoid downtime and improve performance efficiency with Motadata AIOps.

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What is Oracle Database Monitoring?

Oracle Database Monitoring is a process of monitoring Oracle databases to identify performance bottlenecks and provide proactive measures to improve overall performance.

Oracle Database Monitoring is an important task as it can help identify and address the potential issues before they become major problems or even disasters. It also helps to avoid any downtime that the database may experience.

To adapt to this monitoring, one can either opt for an Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c, an Oracle Management Cloud Suite component, or third-party monitoring solutions like Motadata AIOps, where one can monitor anything and everything under one platform.

How to Monitor Oracle Database Performance?

There are two approaches to start monitoring Oracle Database Performances, Reactive and Proactive. Proactive Monitoring Oracle Databases helps you identify performance issues early before they become problems and cause damage, while reactive database monitoring can help you manage any performance issues that arise after the problem has happened.

The reactive approach isn’t a significant approach to maintain optimum performance on your site’s performance as it identifies the issues and notifies the team to resolve the same. Instead, it’s better to try and be proactive and fix issues before they happen by monitoring everything that’s going on with your site each day.

Key Metrics to Measure while Monitoring Oracle Database

Where monitoring Oracle Database proactively is a wise decision, it is more important to keep an eye on the right metrics. Here are the key database performance metrics to measure.

  • Queries: Monitoring query issues such as inefficient joins between tables, insufficient indexes, or overly literal SQL statements helps keep your database run effortlessly. In addition, it helps improve the performance of the queries as well.
  • Capacity Issues: Capacity measurements such as CPU utilization, slow disks, or insufficient memory can bring down the Oracle database performances.
  • Conflicts between Users: If many users access the same database simultaneously, transactional locks and deadlocks bring operations to a screeching halt.
  • Configuration Issues: Eliminate misconfigured disks, query caches, and insufficient buffer cache.

Benefits of Monitoring Oracle Database Performance

Oracle Database Monitoring can offer you a list of benefits such as :

  • Offers real-time visibility into the crucial database resources such as deadlocks, redo log files, rollback segments, full table scans, and many more
  • Mapping Oracle database-to-web application activity
  • Comparing the current database activity with the historical database activity to predict the potential behavior
  • Deeper visibility into the back-end systems, improving the application availability and performance
  • Captures most crucial metrics directly from Oracle Performance Metrics
  • Application administrators do not require to learn various tools to monitor Oracle databases
  • Concrete communication between application admins and database admins; an application administrator can relay the critical Oracle database
    information so that the database administrator can interpret it.

Key Criteria while Choosing a Oracle Database Monitoring solution

As there are numerous monitoring solutions available in the market – Motadata AIOps being one stop unified solution. Here are the key criteria you should keep in mind while selecting a monitoring solution for your Oracle Database.

  • An SQL query optimizer with an editor which can guide the creation of new queries
  • A database instance assessor which helps you better index with rich recommendations
  • An interface that provides a unified dashboard and platform to many database instances
  • Server resource usage monitoring
  • Database instance performance monitoring
  • A free trial period with a risk-free assessment
  • Value for money with a handful of features offered at a suitable price

Monitoring Database with Motadata AIOps

In conclusion, it is very compulsion to monitor the Database if the enterprise wants to ensure a smooth user experience and grow stronger and stronger in the market. AIOps powered by Motadata is an AI-Driven IT Operation solution that can help you monitor every event and update occurring in your Database, in any format, from any source, be in Oracle.

With the third-party integrations, one agent does all the job, and you can monitor your Oracle database under a unified platform on the AIOps dashboard and other performance metrics. In addition, the AI-ML abilities forecast the potential issues from the patterned behavior and save the enterprise from going through inevitable losses. Motadata AIOps can be your one-stop solution to monitor anything and everything. Reach out to us at to know more.