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Collect, process, analyze and monitor the usage, performance, and event metrics of Microsoft SQL server. Get visibility across your IT stack and improve performance by executing detailed root cause analysis and resolving issues with Motadata AIOps.

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What is MsSQL?

MsSQL, also known as Microsoft SQL Server, is a relational database system designed by Microsoft. A database server stores and retrieves the data requested by software applications – running on the same premise or other premises.

Microsoft has come up with various versions of Microsoft SQL servers, aiming at different audiences and applications. It caters to a range of workloads from small single-machine applications to large internet-facing applications.

Monitoring Microsoft SQL

SQL Server monitoring is a continuous practice of collecting and analyzing usage, performance, and event metrics of Microsoft SQL Server. The very first step is to collect and analyze to metrics in order to optimize the performance and applications.

The traditional monitoring tools lack the innovation and cruciality of the servers. Thus, making it irrelevant in this digitalized infrastructure. Whereas the integration of AI-ML makes AIOps strong and robust to face the market challenges.

Motadata AIOps is a monitoring tool that gives you visibility across IT-stack and provides detailed analytics to perform root cause analysis and resolve the most challenging performance problems. In addition, the historical data help measure and discover performance behaviors.

Being an advanced monitoring solution, Motadata AIOps also proactively alerts and automates remediation for routine and familiar performance problems. Motadata AIOps, a unified solution, comes with a one-stop solution to monitor everything, improving overall SQL server performance.

Benefits of Monitoring SQL Server Performance

A performance cannot be improved if it is not monitored. If not monitored, then it gets challenging to resolve critical problems arising within database systems. The performance challenges require historical event data to discover the root cause of the occurring problems. Without proactively monitoring, it gets costly and often impossible to resolve the issues. Here are key benefits of monitoring SQL server performance.

1. Minimal Incidents and Outages: Performance-related incidents cost a heavy amount to businesses. With proactively monitoring SQL server performances, the number of issues can be minimized, and it becomes easier to resolve the issues before disaster occurs. With right tool, the Teams gets unified view to focus on the things that matter the most and optimize the overall performance.

2. Lower Infrastructure Cost: When the applications and services perform optimally and give the best outcomes, the infrastructure investment doesn’t go in vain. It provides a sense of confidence when you upgrade the services or hardware ranging from on-premise deployments to the cloud.

3. Risk Managed: The practice of monitoring performance continuously keeps the database run smoothly and reduce the downtime. Due to unforeseen downtime, there can be reduced productivity and major business impact, hence, to reduce the risk & impact, it is important for the organization to proactively monitor the MsSQL servers.

Important Metrics to Follow While Monitoring SQL Server

The components of SQL Server are supposed to offer a robust-enterprise-level relational database. While monitoring the performance metrics and analyzing could be the very first step towards streamlining operations. Metrics that can improve storage performance and build a powerful infrastructure.

  1. Trends and Baselines: Monitoring trends and baselines give you a sense of whether performance is trending positively or negatively.
  2. Monitor SQL Server Waits: Saving time troubleshooting by understanding why and how long processes are waiting
  3. Network Traffic: Monitoring incoming, outgoing, and total traffic, capturing the whole network related metrics.
  4. Virtualization: Modern architecture are complex and advanced. Don’t forget to monitor VMware and Hyper-V
  5. Monitor Resources: Computing capacities to SQL Servers. Make sure servers are utilized properly
  6. CPU Usage: Capturing processing utilization. Assuring a healthy CPU usages
  7. Memory Allocation: Monitoring memory capacity and utilization of the hosted SQL Server
  8. Storage Capacity: Stay one step ahead and be assured about storage availability
  9. High Impact Queries: Capturing and analyzing the most resource-intensive queries
  10. Deadlock Events: Make sure if one event is not deadlocking another

Best Practices to Follow while Monitoring SQL Server

While keeping the metrics in mind, there are some leading practices to follow while monitoring the MsSQL Server to get the best outcomes and maintain the SQL server healthy.

  • Controlled Data: Excessive data leaves confusion and irrelevant information. Make sure your monitoring solution keeps you informed with rich insights and actionable performance information.
  • Metrics Measured: If the solution doesn’t get enough data to monitor, it isn’t going to be much helpful either. Not so proper and incomplete conclusions can be very expensive for businesses.
  • Track of Schema Updates: Changes in database schemas are inevitable, and they cause a significant impact on the performance. Thus, the schema updates should be versioned to roll back when needed quickly.
  • Database Logging: Database logs contain a very valuable piece of information. Database logging can help you discover failures and resolve them faster with historical data.

Monitoring MsSQL with Motadata AIOps

Motadata AIOps is built with Deep Learning Frame work for IT Operations. A proprietary framework that incorporates AI and ML for IT operations to increase efficiency and reduce operations cost. It is a solution that monitors SQL servers and performance and alerts the IT team about the potential failures before they cause any damage. The AI-ML facilities make the solution learn the behavior and forecast the possible patterns. The unified platform, actionable insights, and forecasting potential failures make Motadata AIOps one stop solution.

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