Motadata Docs

AWS Lambda


Amazon Lambda is a compute service that runs code in response to events and automatically manages the compute resources required by that code. Enabling this integration will begin the collection CloudWatch metrics.


aws.lambda.memory.size.bytes Measures the amount of allocated memory available to the function during execution. Count
aws.lambda.invocations Measures the number of times a function is invoked in response to an event or invocation API call. Count
aws.lambda.errors Measures the number of invocations that failed due to errors in the function. Count
aws.lambda.dead.letter.errors Measures the sum of times Lambda is unable to write the failed event payload to your configured Dead Letter Queues. Count
aws.lambda.throttles Measures the number of Lambda function invocation attempts that were throttled due to invocation rates exceeding the customer’s concurrent limits (error code 429). Failed invocations may trigger a retry attempt that succeeds. Count
aws.lambda.provisioned.concurrency.invocations Measures the number of invocations that are run on provisioned concurrency Count
aws.lambda.provisioned.concurrency.spillover.invocations Measures the number of invocations that are run on non-provisioned concurrency when all provisioned concurrency is in use Count Measures the age of the last record for each batch of records processed Count
aws.lambda.concurrent.executions Measures the average of concurrent executions for a given function at a given point in time. Count
aws.lambda.unreserved.concurrent.executions Measures the sum of the concurrency of the functions that don’t have a custom concurrency limit specified. Count
aws.lambda.provisioned.concurrent.executions Measures the average number of events that are being processed on provisioned concurrency Count
aws.lambda.provisioned.concurrency.utilization.percent Measures the average fraction of provisioned concurrency in use for a given function at a given point in time Count