It’s quite possible that an IT department may face issues of downtime or disruptions. While such instances may be unavoidable, it is always commendable if the IT department fixes the issue quickly.

What is required though is a solution which does more than Windows System Event logs can do and present the information in a distilled manner so as to enable quick actions on the user end to fix the issue. That’s where the solution from Motadata comes in as a life saver. As an end user, you don’t want to be inundated with all the information and have no way to utilize all that generated information.

Motodata’s solution is an all encompassing umbrella which enhances and simplifies the same data available through Windows System event by correlating it with other data and metrics. Motodata’s module identifies the root cause with minimal effort and makes troubleshooting a breeze. Once an event is identified to be causing a particular trouble, the module highlights the trouble causing factors and provides remedy actions that can be taken for faster troubleshooting. Unless you can understand that what areas are affected by a single event, you can’t troubleshoot effectively.

The data should be such that it gives the user a clear idea of what areas are affected and to what extent due to a single event leading to an effective troubleshooting technique. Motadata’s additional benefits over Windows System event logs are in terms of data visualization and helping to take corrective actions swiftly. Motadata’s powerful options present relevant information for immediate action rather than complex details.

Motadata is for organizations and businesses irrespective of the industry, size or the sector. Anywhere an IT environment is found, Motadata can be useful. Performance logs, a proactive approach and anticipating issues can all make sure that systems never encounter a need for troubleshooting. But in an unlikely event of such occurrence, Motodata’s real time log collection adds a sophisticated layer of actionable data to enable troubleshooting.

Troubleshooting should not be a time consuming process, especially when the organisation’s goodwill is at stake or productivity is hampered. The learning curve with Windows System event log feature is something that may put off a lot of people. A core part of technology should be making it as easy as possible to understand and use.

Windows System Event log is a nifty utility which has evolved much over the years since it made its debut. While there are a lot of software online promising similar feature set as Motadata, most of them are just adware and spyware disguised as helpful utilities. Motadata, on the other hand is an evolution of Mindarray’s Minder which in its new avatar has added a lot of features and grown into a class leading, industry grade solution which is testament to quality and hard work of its experienced team. Windows event log analysis is just one of the many features of Motadata. We invite you to explore the unified monitoring solution which would cater to all your IT needs.

Motadata does a lot more than just event logging and troubleshooting. Find more about the features of this powerful platform here or check out a no strings attached free trial to know how your business can benefit using Motadata’s intelligent and powerful unified IT monitoring tool.