Using Unified Log Analytics

Working in an IT department is probably one of the most thankless jobs. Nobody comes to thank the IT personnel when everything works great, but the moment something goes wrong everyone is out with pitch and forks to attack them. Thankfully, over the years there have been amazing technological advances to make IT systems more robust, secure and easier to manage.

IT systems are more commonplace now with the digitisation of businesses and services. Everything that can go online has gone online. This has resulted into worldwide connectivity, better access to resources and data but also has brought in more complex systems to manage. A severe need to simplify things and making IT infrastructure management less cumbersome is always felt and any means to achieve this is always welcomed. The arrival of centralised log management tool like Motodata has been a boon for IT departments. There are now solutions that connect and manage all the hardware and software from a single dashboard enabling monitoring, maintaining, identifying issues and even correcting them.

All of this is made possible by keeping a log of activities which happen with both hardware and software components. A log can be simply described as “an official record of events as they happen”. A log management tool helps quickly identify abnormalities and take action on them. Let’s look at how Motodata helps to make IT management a breeze.

A solution which just doesn’t provide collection and analysis of the log but also gives actionable context to solve the issues real quick, irrespective of the sources and regardless of the log data format. The benefits of this solution can be summarized here in;

● Any Log, Any Format – As long as a log can be generated from a source, no matter what format it is, Motodata’s solution will be able to handle it. You do not change anything to adapt to the new system but the system is all encompassing and adapts to your needs.

● Scalable and Flexible – Whether its a centralized or decentralized system of monitoring/administration, the Motodata solution adapts itself to the organizational needs. With aggregation you can collect log at a single repository or with distributed deployment, fully scalable as the organisation grows.

● Real Time – Nothing is more important in an IT department than having information in real time. The speed of information is critical because delays can cause a business major setback, financially and/or otherwise. With the unified analytics log dashboard, you will find everything on a screen as it happens and on demand whenever you wish to.

● Security Analytics – The IT infrastructure developments have been in the positive and negative spheres. As they have become more robust and secure, they have been more prone to hacks than ever before. Security is mission critical and this analytics and analysis has to be quick to take actions to minimize damage in case of a breach. The unified analytics provide such information with relevant actions and remedies auto suggested for any threats to the system.

● Lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) – Since Motadata does all the work in the backend of providing a robust solution, the IT department can be assured that this is one sound investment which pays for itself. The cost of ownership is lowest as compared to the features and benefits this solution offers.

● Longer Raw Data Retention – It is very important to have data logs for a longer duration so as to minimize chances of the same error occurring again. In the unavoidable circumstances, if at all the same error occurs, it will be immensely useful to have logs of the previous incident to solve the matter quickly and minimize any downtime. The longer the raw data is retained, the better it is to evaluate it and know the causes of any issues so as to make sure to avoid them completely. It might be also useful for various other purposes like compliance reporting and more.

● Agentless/Agent-based options for deployment – The solution has various modes which easily forward the logs using standard syslog, http methods or use light agents to make sure every log event is captured regardless of the log type. This flexibility is useful for adapting to the IT environment of an organization.

● Compliance Reporting – To have an organized IT department there are certain compliances that have to met to make sure everything runs as expected. This can include, but is not restricted to collecting log data to satisfy compliance requirements. All the data so collected is useful to generate reports to meet compliance standard including PCI DSS, FISMA, SOX, HIPAA etc. The solution has features for all of such reporting inbuilt and ready to use.

● Log Correlation – If there is a lot of data and logs and there is no correlation between them then the information may become redundant. It is equally important that the data is triangulated into metrics and flow analytics with logs to quickly pinpoint the root cause and proactively detect network, server, application threats, audit violations. This is the
missing link in most solutions which is a USP of Motadata’s solution like no other log management tool.

And many more features which make sure that the IT administrator has peace of mind. With this solution in place, you can be assured that you have made a very wise investment. You can find more information about the log management solution and all of its features.

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