Overpower Top Network Monitoring Challenges with Motadata

Despite of all the evolution in IT industry that has occurred, one factor that has been persistent is the need for network monitoring.

Can you quickly see the root of a network problem? Does resolving network performance issues before they impact your users sound like a miracle to you? Is it difficult to find out who is consuming the network bandwidth? Does network monitoring challenges keep you up at night? Are you struggling to identify the faulty device that brings the network down?

Challenges are increasing as networks become larger and more complex to monitor. Gartner has estimated that the cost of downtime is $42,000 per hour. The need for complete network visibility and also the potential impact on business in case if you do not have network visibility is also ever growing. Feels like you’re monitoring your own network being blindfolded?

Undoubtedly, you have an inventory of your network devices as a network professional, you need the ability to collect data on all the switches, routers, and other core devices running in your network. For all those devices that are critical to your daily business, you need monitor key metrics so that uptime isn’t interrupted. This is usually done with a dynamic network map.

Once you have started network monitoring, you can gradually track the behaviors you see. Regular network monitoring will help you establish network baselines so that you know what optimal performance looks like for your metrics which matters the most and with this kind of visibility into day-to-day performance, anything abnormal will be incredibly eye-catching.

Without overall network visibility, such outages end up adding cost to your organization way more than what you’re already investing in your daily IT operations—and everyone knows that as IT’s already enough of a cost center as it is.

Well, you’re not the only one facing these issues. These days IT professionals all over the world share similar network performance monitoring challenges.

Check out the infographic of top 8 network monitoring challenges and how to cope up with them.

Network Monitoring Challenges Infographic