Looking for a PinkVERIFY ITSM Solution?

If yes then I guess you don’t have to look any further, because Motadata is proud to announce that it is Pink certified for 6 processes.

Now, we are ITIL compliant for:

  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Request Fulfilment
  • Change Management
  • Event Management
  • Availability Management

Motadata PinkVerify Certified for 6 ITIL Processes

Those of you who don’t know about Motadata:

Motadata is a unified solution for IT operations and big data analytics. Simply put, we help organizations in managing their IT infrastructure through data-driven intelligence, and when things go wrong, our tools allow them to deliver proper IT services to reduce downtime.

Speaking of our products, we have:

  • Network Management and Monitoring: Also called as NMS in short, helps IT admins to monitor devices in a network; extract and correlate data; and group nodes into business services.
  • Log & Flow Analytics: It’s the heart of our intelligent analytics; it allows IT admins to collect machine data and search for patterns. Apart from collecting data, the tool can pro-actively fight threats through alerts and reports.
  • IT Service Management: An ITIL v3 compliant ITSM tool that streamlines the delivery of IT services to the end user. Our intelligent, adaptive workflows allow businesses to align their IT with their business goals.
  • Unified NMS: It gives Telco’s a service management layer, element management layer, and network element layer; which allows them to manage service assurance and fulfillment, manage third-party services and monitor network devices.

What does it mean to be PinkVERIFY?

Created in 1998, PinkVERIFY is an assessment service for ITSM tools provided by Pink Elephant.

Having a PinkVERIFY certificate means the following:

  • ITIL/ITSM practitioners can identify us as a software tool that supports their processes.
  • It gives confidence to ITIL practitioners that our tool is aligned with ITIL v3.
  • The certificate is a symbol of quality and trust in the ITSM community.

What is it for me?

With Change Management being certified, now our four modules, supporting the ITSM foundation, are aligned with ITIL v3, which is a gold-standard in the ITSM community.

What is ITSM Foundation?

An IT organization requires a gradual evolution to reach the stage of IT maturity, and the evolution happens on top of an ITSM foundation comprising of at least Incident, Problem and Change Management processes.

What is ITSM Foundation

If you are someone looking to strengthen your organization’s ITSM foundation, you can try our ITIL aligned ITSM tool.

Still not convinced?

Here are some of the benefits of using our ITSM tool that has four processes (Incident, Problem, Change and Request Fulfilment) certified by Pink Elephant:

  • Gives you universally recognized ITIL processes.
  • Gives you provision to create workflows to manage your SLAs. Automate ticket handling.
  • Allows you to maintain IT service availability to satisfy the end user.
  • Helps you to create an efficient help desk or service desk.
  • You get universally recognized ITIL processes for handling changes and problems.
  • Ad-hoc changes will be replaced with change models which will lead to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Option to record permanent solutions to problems.
  • IT services can be protected in a live environment using change models.
  • Proactively prevent problems before they occur.
  • Prevent unauthorized changes from happening.
  • Create management reports, analyzing problems, from historical data.
  • Make review a part of every change process which is an integral part of the change model.

Now coming to the last two processes:

Some of the benefits of using PinkVERIFY Event and Availability Management:

  • Ability to detect changes in Cis.
  • Get a single point to manage CIs associated with business service and view their current availability.
  • Create triggers for Informational, Warning and Exceptional events. Learn more.
  • Know the frequency and duration of service failures through availability reports.
  • Compare IT operations with a predefined standard.

Pink Elephant has an Online Resource where organizations can verify our ITIL compliance certification.

Unlike market research companies, who give their analysis based on product features and functionalities; Pink Elephant specifically focuses on ITIL alignment.

If you are shopping for a new ITSM solution to replace your existing, then you can try Motadata ITSM.