Pioneering the unified monitoring, log management & analytics solution does not stop the network operations monitoring dynamics. Instead it is just the beginning for a more evolved and niche solution to power the IT and networking teams.

With this approach, Mindarray has already stepped into the new age of subtle and personalized monitoring & reporting solutions.

The visionaries of MindArray

The innovators in Network Monitoring and Data Analytics technologies for an era unveiled the next-generation IT operation analytics platform that derives business insights from physical, virtual and hosted devices as well as security management systems across the enterprises.

The first rock star product of Mindarray’s shelf was ‘Minder’, which was only IT monitoring platform that offered truly unified view and correlation across all layers of IT infrastructure from a single product.

Now with Motadata, which is a next generation IT analytics platform, they are enhancing on the already powerful capabilities offered by Minder.

Technical Forefront

Motadata is an IT analytics platform that helps derive business insights by real-time processing, correlation and intelligent visualization of traditionally separate data.

It builds on network performance monitoring and management capabilities of its existing platform Minder by adding log analytics of security events, with real-time processing, to help both IT administrators and CXOs better manage business operations.

Having access to consolidated view and intuitive correlation of IT monitoring and log data, it helps pinpoint network bottlenecks and security threats before they become business problems.

Its unique plugin based architecture and widgets based visualization offers superior flexibility in sourcing, parsing and analysis of multi-format data, as well as seamless integration with existing IT infrastructure.

Some of the key features of this unique product are as follows:-

  • One for All – With Motadata, it is possible to have a one platform for monitoring all network and security events across the IT infrastructure with unified dashboards to visualize key metrics for statistics such as high availability, performance and security of the infrastructure.
  • Voluminous – Motadata analytics platform is specially designed to meet speed with scale and context by processing over a billion events in less than 10 seconds on a single server.
  • Action-oriented – With Motadata, log management is provided across all devices, servers, applications and machine data to find actionable insights on security and other aspects.
  • Plugins all the way – Plugin based architecture which supports not only the existing infrastructure components but is also ready for any future components as well. The plug-n-play architecture enhances speed with quick app manager installation, processing and analytics.
  • Cost, Price & Money – Lower TCO and data retention for longer periods without any constraints are some of the offerings of Motadata.
  • Single Dashboard – Motadata comes with single Dashboard for all metrics for example CPU, memory and storage to name a few with comprehensive root cause analysis for all the performance bottlenecks. Flexibility and report customizations increase the speed and usability of the platform.
  • Notifications – With Motadata comes swift notifications for critical events using contextual alerts provide intuitive correlation across IT monitoring and log data and assist in pinpointing all the network bottlenecks and security threats before they become a business problem.
  • Collect & Monitor Everything – Too many tools leave no real control. Typically IT teams use multiple systems to monitor the hybrid infrastructure, which leads to information silos. Motadata is capable of processing and analyzing any kind of metric, network flow and log data using a single platform.
  • Correlation That Delivers Context – More often symptoms get manifested somewhere else very far from the actual root cause. Everybody sends alerts, but nobody provides context around that alert. An alert of high CPU utilization at 2 am is rather useless at 8 am in the morning. If you can’t see the snapshot of the state in real-time or historically, then you are very far from finding the real root cause and solving it.
  • Automate and Extend with Native Integrations – With native integration of PowerShell, SSH and third party APIs, quickly automate remediation. Download metric and log apps to instantly monitor everything from any source – metrics, network flow and logs.
  • Visualization & Analytics For Entire Team – Motadata packs a punch when it comes to processing any kind of data and presenting it in the most intuitive way for the user to visualize it in the way the user wants. The powerful analytics technology allows the user to get to the bottom of the problem instantly and take remedy actions.

Scalability with Speed

No matter what the size of the organisation or the IT infrastructure. Motadata can handle it all and expand as per the requirements of the customers. And while Motadata effortlessly handles scale, it does not slow down or get bogged down by the additional capacity requirements. It has been tested rigorously to effortlessly scale with speed.

Flexible Deployment

Deploy solution across multiple locations and Motadata’s centralized aggregation feature collects and analyzes data at the primary location.

In larger enterprises, data originates from many machines and multiple locations. As Motadata is a highly scalable solution, it can easily be extended to serve more locations as your infrastructure grows.

Motadata, the next-generation IT analytics platform loaded with all the exhaustive features is available for a FREE TRIAL. Download Motadata from

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