The current infrastructure continuously generates log data at a rate swifter than humans can analyze. Now with data centers can be created and torn with scripts, the quantity of data explored is exponential. The conventional log data analysis tradition of manually reviewing log files on a periodic basis remain insufficient in the current scenario. The modern IT architecture, with its advanced, automated and dynamic deployment competences for applications, requires real-time log analysis.

For addressing the security concerns, log data can offer an initiating point but this data has to be appropriate, applicable, time bound and should be all set for required action after analysis. Machine learning should be made more familiar to assist log data enhance IT security as else the scale and the complexity of insights generated will make the log data laid off in assisting or solving IT concerns.

Discover root-cause performance bottlenecks and security issues

Discovering performance bottlenecks, security issues and optimizing data related resources is only possible with an all-inclusive log management solution. The log management solution should work with any log data generated from any of the sources for enhancing security measures. It should analyze log data to identify threats, trends and assist to meet compliance standards such as HIPPA, PCI DSS, FISMA and others.

Security analytics protect your private data, evade unauthorized access to files and folders as well as detect security breaches. The log management solution comes with SIEM, File integrity, HIDS and intrusion detection to swiftly identify abnormalities.

IT administrators have to depend entirely on system metrics, confining their ability to make all the decisions on performance only. Things such as CPU utilization, memory consumption, and storage fail to notice important diagnostic information stored in the log data files.

Here is some of the grouping of information that log data analysis can provide

Machine provisioning, moves and de-provisioning

In the advanced datacenter, VMs move from physical machine to physical machine even while operating, with technology like v-motion. For optimizing the processes for moving VMs to put up load historical reporting on VM moves, provisioning and de-provisioning can assist teams recognize where optimization of processes are needed.

Provisioning, scaling and utilization of Virtual environments

Log analysis enable IT decision makers to integrate precise information of virtual machine efficiencies in planning for provisioning, scaling and operations of Virtual environments – such as VMware, Hyper-v, Xen, AWS and Azure cloud.

Intrusion monitoring and management

Advanced log data analysis is utilized to spot anomalous activities and creating automated alerts to identify areas of unease in real-time. With conventional, manual log data analysis, IT administrators fall short to fetch data insights from log data in relation to probable performance and security concerns.

Log analysis management solution automates all the processes and frees IT administrators from monotonous manual log analysis responsibilities and prevents data breached by offering enhanced enablement to infrastructure operations.

Incident containment

Real-time alert configurations can help identify and isolate underperforming elements to avoid IT infrastructure damages. Log data analysis can be utilized to identify causal links between performance concerns and independent outages, spotting them prior to their growth.

Infrastructure optimization

Active network log management enables IT decision makers to outline the infrastructure to meet up evolving and diverse business demands.

Audit analysis

One can analyze machine data to find trends and unleash undiscovered data insights to fight against threats with event correlation analytics. One can get notified when something critical happens by setting the threshold for getting alerted.

Audit trails for compliance management and forensics analysis

Connect log data to trace alleged intrusions, data loss, and sustain compliance to stringent security regulations.

With log data analytics being important for dynamic provisioning, high-end performance and for enhancing security. You can check required volume and time. You can check the performance of machines. You can know about the data centers and the virtual networks are performing or not, their security and probable weak spots.

MotaData empowers IT administrators to have real-time access to file security analytics. You can resolve problems with in minimum time with analytics dashboard, anomaly detection, customized and periodic reports. Threats are constantly altering, maintaining an eye on traffic patterns and logs assists you measure security in real-time. With our correlated analytics platform, advance your decision making with actionable data insights.

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