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Motadata ITSM Tool

Accelerate Digital Transformation with
Intelligent Service Management

Empower your IT team with an AI-enabled Service Desk for optimizing support through intelligent automation, reducing MTTR, and delivering exceptional end-user experiences.

  • Manage requests, ensuring efficient processes that meet user needs.
  • Simplify tasks and free your team for crucial strategies with service desk automation.
  • Ensure happy customers by meeting SLAs and managing requests accurately.
  • Enhance engagement with our virtual agent for swift issue resolution and instant interactions.

Manage your IT and non-IT asset inventory with an asset manager that lets you cut down costs, simplify asset acquisitions, oversee asset lifecycles, and meet compliance requirements.

  • Use automation to discover and track all your assets.
  • Streamline asset inventory maintenance with automatic event-driven updates.
  • Relate incidents to relevant assets and get an in-depth analysis.
  • Single unified view to track all hardware and software assets.

Embrace a patch manager to keep your systems up and running efficiently, mitigating security risks and ensuring timely updates.

  • Seamlessly automate the entire patch management process.
  • Generate OOB reports to gain visibility into overall network security
  • Achieve 100% patch compliance and identify vulnerabilities before patching.
  • Rollback or uninstall insignificant patch updates.

AI-enabled ITSM = Digital Transformation

We harness artificial intelligence to elevate the efficiency of IT service management processes, resulting in:


Faster Incident Resolution

with automation, structured workflows, and data-driven insights.


Cost Saving

by optimizing resource allocation and minimizing downtime.


Reduction in Downtime

by proactively identifying & addressing potential issues.

Your Search for a Reliable ITSM Solution Ends Here

Motadata ITSM solution comes with a bunch of powerful features that help streamline your IT operations, automate workflows, and elevate service quality.

SLA Management

Resolve tickets based on priority, get notifications on SLA breaches, and measure how SLAs are performing.

Dashboard and Reports

Gain unparalleled insights by visualizing technician activities, help desk load, SLA breaches, pending requests, & more.

Automated Notifications

Efficiently escalate and expedite critical incidents to higher authorities for swift resolution.

Workflow Automation

Use intelligent built-in algorithms to distribute workload by volume, time, and other criteria.

Smart Auto Assignment

Auto-assign tickets to relevant technicians using AI-based smart load balancing algorithm.

AI-based Smart Suggestion

Embrace the power of AI to evaluate data and get actionable insights that enhance performance.

Why Top IT Enterprises Choose Motadata for ITSM

Top IT Enterprises have empowered their business with our proven IT Service Management (ITSM) solution. Now, it’s your turn to make the move and drive success.

The Virtual Agent feature has truly been a lifesaver for us. With its round-the-clock self-service support and rapid issue resolution, our IT teams have been freed up to focus on what truly matters.

Multi-Support Channels is like having IT assistance right where we need it, whether through chat, email, or even our trusty mobile app.

We were really impressed by how well Motadata’s ITSM solution could handle our growing needs. Even as we grew and needed more, it kept working great and performing at its best.

Auto Ticket Categorization has been a game-changer for our support process! It promptly routes all the incoming issues to the right teams, leading to quicker resolutions.

Asset Movement tracking feels like a vigilant guardian for our IT assets. It has made managing assets more efficient, ensured compliance, and put a stop to unauthorized use.

Smart Load Balance is our behind-the-scenes genius that sorts tasks, speeds up our responses, and keeps our whole system ticking smoothly. Couldn’t imagine our operations without it.

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