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Splitting Requests

You can create a new request from an existing request using the split feature. The split option copies all the basic details of the request and pre-fills it while creating a new request. Click on the three vertical dots at the top-right corner and click on the ‘Split Request’ option.

Split Request Option
Split Request Option

A popup will open up. The popup has all the basic details pre-filled from the existing request.

Split request popup menu
Split request popup menu

Since you are basically creating a request, the fields are all same. Check all the fields and click create. System generates a new request and takes you to the newly created request page.

  • The default subject of request has ‘Split’ word and reference to the old request.
  • The description, labels, work and activity logs are added to the new request from existing request.
  • The ‘activity’ section shows who created the new request and other related details.

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