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GITEX GLOBAL 2021 has come to an End!  A big thanks to our partners and visitors for taking the time to come & meet us.   Being the biggest trade show in the region, GITEX gave us the right platform to unveil our latest AI-powered offerings, AIOps and ServiceOps, which we are positioning as a unified solution to meet the challenges faced by enterprises due to the rapid modernization of their businesses.   One of the […]


Change agents oversee implementation of changes in an organization. They are the ones who make sure that the new strategy is being followed by everyone as they have the power to bring about change in an organization. A successful change agent should have the following skills: knowledge, leadership skills, understanding of factors that are involved in bringing […]


A service desk is the focal point of an IT organization to render services, and the quality of its services determines the perception of being a valuable part of the organization.   The ongoing transition of businesses to adopt cloud infrastructure has forced IT organizations to modernize their service desks, which include vendors adopting cloud capability and smart automation powered by AI.  This transition […]


Patch compliance indicates the number of compliant devices in your network. This means the number of computers that have been patched or remediated against security threats effectively. The distribution and deployment of patches accomplish nothing if your devices are not compliant. So to establish a good patch management strategy, it is important to pay attention to […]

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